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Millennials turning right?


images-1Of the 40 million U.S. millennials aged 25 to 34, 22.9 million already have children, and 10,000 millennial women giving birth each day, according to U.S. Census figures. Millennials traditionally leaned left. Back in 2008 and 2012 they voted Obama into office. The majority supports legalized marijuana, increasing the minimum wage, and taxing the rich. And although recent surveys show that millennials are increasingly growing disillusioned with politics regardless of party affiliation, there continues to be more millennials registered as Democrats than Republicans.

BUT…as they have families, they are changing. They recycle less, they worry about privacy more. And once millennials become parents those that identify themselves as “conservative evangelical Christians” jumps from 9.6% among non-parents to 32.9% among parents, reports Forbes. Before millennials become parents, 12.5% belonged to a civic organization, a figure that drops to .3% after they have children, according to FutureCast, a millennial-focused division under the Barkley advertising agency. Likewise, before they become parents, 10% of Millennials belong to an environmental organization, which drops to .2% after they have children. Obviously, millennials have less time to spend protesting or hugging trees once they have little kids running around.

Right now, they millennials define the term “middle of the road.” But as Obamacare kicks in, their student loans become insupportable and they realize they are carrying the entire welfare system on their backs — could the millennials buck the system?

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