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Obama can’t be bothered attending intel briefings


President_Barack_Obama_holding_Citizen's_Briefing_BookTwenty-four hours after a 60 Minutes interview aired in which Barack Obama made controversial comments blaming the U.S. intelligence community for “underestimating” the threat of ISIS, the Government Accountability Institute released a report revealing that, throughout his entire presidency, Obama has attended a mere 41.26% of daily intelligence briefings. The intelligence community has often said he’s shown longstanding disinterest in receiving live, in-person PDBs that allow the Commander-in-Chief the chance for critical followup, feedback, questions, and the challenging of flawed intelligence assumptions.

In September 2014, the Government Accountability Institute updated an analysis of how much time President Barack Obama has spent attending his Presidential Daily Briefs (PDBs), as recorded on the White House official calendar and Politico’s comprehensive calendar. The updated study covered the president’s first 2,079 days in office, running from January 20, 2009 through September 29, 2014. Of those, President Obama attended a total of 875 Presidential Daily Briefs for an overall 42.09% attendance rate.

Additionally, GAI compared the attendance rate during the first term to the attendance rate in the second term, thus far:

  • First Term: President Obama was inaugurated on January 20, 2009 and was re-elected in November 2012. Between January 20, 2009 and January 19, 2013, President Obama attended 620 PDBs over a possible 1,461 days for a 42.43% attendance rate.
  • Second Term: President Obama was inaugurated for his second term on January 20, 2013. Between January 20, 2013 and September 29, 2014, President Obama attended 255 PDBs over a possible 618 days for a 41.26% attendance rate.

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GAI Report PDB Update 9.29.2014

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