2014 Elections, Barack Obama, Immigration

Republicans finally gearing up for an immigration fight.


The Republican response to Obama’s 2012 deferment of deportation for illegal immigrants brought here as children was subdued. Their outcry over the waves and waves of children arriving unaccompanied from Central America was muted. But now that Obama has threatened to govern with ‘pen and phone’ and issue an Executive Order giving 5 million illegal aliens the right to stay in America, the elephant has awoken.

It seems that when Obama acts like a King, the House and Senate take it seriously — especially in an election year when the Southern Border’s porous nature threatens national security.  With the likelihood of a Republican Senate in November, Obama knows he has no chance of getting legislation passed — so he’ll go it alone and use fiat force to pass Executive Amnesty. images

Which will leave the House and Senate with two options. Starve the move through the Appropriations Committee, or sue the President.

With the elections out of the way, look out for fireworks when the Continuing Resolution (spending approval) comes up for the vote on December 11. The Lame Duck session may surprise us. More on the fight at the Washington Examiner and The Minuteman Project.


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