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Jeff Sessions and Rand Paul to block AG who would endorse Executive Amnesty



Obama has plans for the session between the November elections and  the swearing in of the 114th Congress in January 2015. One of these is the admittance and de fact0  legalization of up to 5 million illegal aliens resident in America. Many Republicans believe that the subject of amnesty and citizenship should only be discussed when our borders are secure. Even the mention of amnesty causes an increase in the flood of immigrants. It is clear that Obama realizes that a House and Senate run by Republicans will not go his way on amnesty so he is planning to bypass the legislative process and waive the law through executive privilege — and his famous “pen and phone.” To do this he needs an equally liberal and complicit Attorney General.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) told students at the University of  South Carolina that he will — and other senators should — oppose Barack Obama’s nominee to replace outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder if that candidate supports the president’s planned executive amnesty.

Breitbart News got a great interview with Rand: “I think it’s even bigger and broader than that,” Paul said when asked if he’d back a plan put forward by Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to block the Holder replacement nominee if they support executive amnesty. “I think the attorney general should, whoever the nominee is, acknowledge that they will operate independent of politics, independent of the president and under the direction of the Constitution. The Constitution really doesn’t allow the president to legislate. It’s a host of issues-I wouldn’t limit it to just immigration. Whether it’s immigration, healthcare or war, those are congressional powers. But really with the whole separation of powers, he’s had a whole host of executive orders that appear to be legislating and appear to be illegal. So yeah I think those are important questions to ask the next attorney general. The question I think is whether it comes up in lame duck session where they have the majority, or whether it comes up in January when hopefully the Republicans have the majority.”
Paul backing this strategy comes right after Sessions rolled it out last week and then Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) backed him the next day.
“We need someone at the Department of Justice who will restore fidelity to our national laws and boundaries,” Sessions said. “No Senator should vote to confirm anyone to this position who does not firmly reject the President’s planned executive amnesty-or any other scheme to circumvent our nation’s immigration laws-and who does not pledge to serve the laws and people of the United States.”

He also told students that they should focus less on political parties and more on issues when deciding how to vote and that they should pay close attention to how the federal government deals with privacy issues and international military conflicts.

Jeff_Sessions_official_portraitSen Jeff Sessions issued a statement:

“The Attorney General is the top law enforcement position in government. But Mr. Holder’s DOJ has taken numerous actions that have weakened the rule of law in America, and none more dramatically than his political actions that have undermined the immigration laws of the United States. Amazingly, he declared amnesty to be a “civil right” for individuals who entered or remained illegally in the country. Behind the back of the American people, the Justice Department negotiated an agreement with the ACLU to allow deported illegal immigrants to return to the U.S. He reduced prosecutions of illegal immigrants required by the proven Operation Streamline program. He is using tax dollars to provide lawyers for unlawful immigrants. And the President has stated that he is depending on the Attorney General, along with Homeland Security Secretary, to advise him on developing and implementing an executive amnesty.”

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