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PBS reveals its bias — again…offends veteran



Chris GibsonA liberal member of staff at WIOX Radio, a local radio station in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York popped off at a Republican congressman earlier this month. In an email he sent to Rep. Chris Gibson’s  aide, Rebecca Shaw, he expressed his puerile hope that the Democratic challenger would win in November and stated that in his opinion the career Army officer should get a “real job and not live off the taxpayers money.”

“Someday (hopefully) he will be replaced by Sean Eldridge,” wrote the unnamed — but partisan — employee referring  to the reelection campaign of Rep. Gibson.

Just for the record: Gibson is a former colonel in the U.S. Army who served seven combat tours, including four in Iraq. Eldridge, is married to the co-Founder of Facebook billionaire Chris Hughes, who had the luck to be Mark Zuckerberg’s randomly assigned college roommate at Harvard. WIOX merged with Binghamton-based public radio station WSKG last year, which means it’s receiving taxpayer dollars — just like our military.

Shouldn’t someone tell the young Liberal that his job schilling for the Left on a public radio pales into insignificant when compared with Chris Gibson’s life of public service?

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