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We’re closing the gap in three states! Can we turn this map red?


We’re a month away from Polling Day and the Senate races are getting tighter. To take the Senate from Harry Reid, the GOP must win back six seats. Now there are positive signs that Alaska, Arkansas and Louisiana are finally breaking our way.

In Alaska, Dan Sullivan is making progress against the incumbent and far-left Sen. Mark Begich who didn’t help himself with a badly thought-out TV ad he was forced to drop . In Louisiana, Dem Senator Mary Landrieu is being beaten with the truth about her improper use of taxpayers’ money and the fact she has built a mansion on Capitol Hill but pretends to live in New Orleans by keeping a room in her parents’ house.  In Arkansas, Congressman Tom Cotton has benefited from an aerial bombardment of heavyweight Republicans coming to town to help boost his standing  against incumbent Sen. Mark Pryor.

Let’s keep up the pressure! Find out more about the races here. 2014-Senate-Map pre-Nov

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