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If Harry Reid holds the Senate, GOP presidential candidates could hand him more power



It’s a terrifying thought but if the GOP fails to take the six seats it needs to unseat him, Harry Reid will maintain his stranglehold on the Senate. That means more socialism and more latitude for Obama as he plays out his final two years in office. The 114th Congress could pave the way to a massive increase in government interference in our lives — especially when the GOP presidential candidates come out to fight in 2016.

Why? Because a handful of Republicans who are facing Senate re-election that year have been mentioned as potential presidential candidates. That list includes Rand Paul (KY), Marco Rubio (FL) and Rob Portman (OH).  And while Rubio and Portman can run for both offices at the same time under election laws in their states, Rand Paul cannot. Paul is considering a legal challenge to the situation in his home state where he would be put in the odd situation of running for president in the other 49 states, but only as senator in Kentucky where he would obviously be defeated on the Presidential ballot.

Of course, there’s always a chance Reid will be fired. He’s old, out of touch and widely viewed as toxic.

Just 21% (down from 27% in May) of people in a recent Gallop poll gave him a rating of “favorable,” while 45% said they view Reid unfavorably. Another 34% said they didn’t have an opinion of the leader. Fewer than half of Democrats polled, just 46%, had a favorable view of him.

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