Another great reason not to vote for pro-UN candidates


008-world-bank-sucks-1Over at the Financial Times (difficult to read the whole article but here’s the gist) we learn there’s been a palace revolt at the One-World bureaucracy called the World Bank. Jim Yong Kim, its president, is in Washington and keen to talk about United Nations plans for eliminating poverty (it’s not going to happen how they think it will) but the underlings are ticked off. Not that we agree with their moaning, after all they get a ton of tax free income and massive subsidies for their offsprings’ school and college fees. But it seems they don’t like their boss making out like a bandit.

The “scarce skills premium” awarded to Bertrand Badré, who joined the bank from Société Générale in March 2013, was revealed last week in a footnote in the bank’s annual report. It was almost $95,000. Mr Badré was due to receive the annual bonus on top of a $379,000 annual salary and almost $300,000 in annual pension contributions and “other” benefits.

Did I mention that the U.S. tax-payer is the largest contributor to the UN and the World Bank? Your tax dollars at work, folks.

Make sure you ask your candidates for their stance on the United Nations and the One-Worlders there who want to override American sovereignty. Obama and Hillary Clinton are all for it. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul think it stinks.


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