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Don’t get mad – Get even!


According to the Wall Street Journal, polls show “the national mood of U.S. voters is disillusionment and anger in the final weeks of the midterm election campaign. Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, after an early scare, is cruising toward re-election next month in South Carolina. Yet, he isn’t sure what the deeper meaning of victory will be this year. “There is no mandate other than, ‘We don’t like the other guy,’ ” he said

P1-BR506_DISILL_D_20141007170606Well, that’s not good enough! The country has many many reasons to be disillusioned with the current crop of politicians but they’re all we have right now. And can they be any worse than what’s there right now?  The 114th Congress will have to stand up to some of the toughest issues to face America in a while: Obamacare, the war (the one that Obama won’t call a war) in Syria, the REAL unemployment figures, the handing over of sovereignty to the United Nations, the war against cheap American energy, the  fire blanket of bureaucracy smothering enterprise, the immigration issue.

Just because the GOP’s advantage springs more from intense anti-Obama feelings than from a wave of voters who believe Republicans will transform Washington does;t mean we should lessen our efforts.  People are disillusioned with politics, we get it! Let’s elect some good men and women and kick out some bums.

If this fall’s voting is a mood of voter anger over the status quo as these polls suggest, then we must turn this anger into electing good Representatives and Senators.

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