Dems throw in the towel – move to prop up incumbent in CALIFORNIA!


throw-in-the-towel1The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee just threw in the towel in Northern Virginia, 34th District. They know they can’t win the race between popular local Republican candidate Barbara Comstock, and Democrat John Foust who in one of his many offensive rants attacked stay at home parents for “not having real jobs.”.

The DCCC had allocated a massive amount of money on this seat, which they have been targeting since 2010. Now $2 million of that $2.8 million ad spend will go to defend Rep. Ami Bera (D-Calif.) who’s facing a tough race against former Rep. Doug Ose (R-Calif.) in a northern California district outside Oakland.

It is interesting to note that California’s 7th District voted 60%-37% for Obama in 2012 although the House vote was closer. The 7th district consists of eastern Sacramento county, home of the state capital.




Ami Bera D 51.68%
Dan Lungren R 48.32%


Barack Obama D 60.24%
Mitt Romney R 37.12%


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