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It must be bad news if they’re trying to hide it before the election


obamacare-cartoon-2-aIn a move that’s purely political, the Obama administration will not release 2015 insurance rates for the federal Obamacare exchange until after the midterm elections:

Enrollment on the Healthcare.gov website begins Nov. 15, or 11 days after the midterm vote, and critics who worry about rising premium hikes in 2015 say that’s no coincidence. Last year’s inaugural enrollment period on the health-care exchange began Oct. 1.

Even so, details about cost increases are trickling out in states with key Senate contests: Alaska, Iowa and Louisiana. All three states are wrestling with double-digit premium hikes from some state insurance companies on the exchange, which has fueled another round of Republican attacks.

– See more at AmericanLibertyPAC.com

  • Anne

    I thought this was supposed to be “the most transparent administration in history”?

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