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Mary Landrieu forgets Louisiana has parishes, not counties, Larry Pressler just moved out


Mary_Landrieu_Parents_Basement copyU.S. senators have a singular job: to fight for the needs and desires of the good constituents living in their home states. That being said, it’s important for senators to actually live in their home states — how else could they possibly be in tune with what their constituents want?

That’s the very question South Dakotans are asking of independent Senate candidate Larry Pressler:

Pressler, who served as a Republican in Congress from 1975 to 1997, and his wife receive the homestead deduction, a generous tax break meant for people who use their D.C. home as their “principal residence,” according to the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue. The tax break reduces a property’s “assessed value by $70,200 prior to computing the yearly tax liability,” the District says.

The Presslers’ apartment is a 2,200-square-foot, two-bedroom, 2½ bathroom condo in Foggy Bottom, close to The George Washington University and the State Department. Property records show Pressler paid $690,000 for the apartment in 2003.

According to Pressler, he remained in Washington because his wife works in D.C. However, he assured that they are “longtime voters in South Dakota.”

But does he know what’s going on in South Dakota?

Pressler isn’t the only one facing questions about residency. Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu (D) has been in D.C. so long that she actually forgot that her home state has parishes, not counties:


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