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Shaheen crushed by Brown on jobs for New Hampshire


UnknownScott Brown was seen as a bit of a carpetbagger in New Hampshire but he seems to be winning over the Granite State. He nailed it in a debate with incumbent Jeanne Shaheen last night.

“When you’re looking at that bill, what it also does is it immediately gives an opportunity for the president to authorize upwards of 11 million people to get jobs,” Brown said when talking about the Senate-passed “Gang of Eight” immigration bill. “I want to fight for jobs for New Hampshire. Here’s another thing about immigration. I voted to secure the border on two occasions. I voted to send troops to the border. We need to absolutely secure the border. The president through his executive order what he’s proposing to do is actively expand the definition of refugee to somebody who’s here [illegally] to work.”

Brown has hammered Shaheen on immigration over and over again this year—attacking her for failing to vote to secure the border, and hitting her for rubber stamping President Barack Obama’s planned executive amnesty, something Shaheen says she opposes but hasn’t done anything to stop. Shaheen has benefited from millions from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, a big immigration supporter.

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