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Why Mary Landrieu may lose the Democrat black vote


Prospects that three-term Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu will return to the U.S. Senate to represent Louisiana for a fourth term are looking increasingly bleak. Sen. Landrieu has good reason to be concerned says Star Parker in her column on GOPState.

One reason is disenchantment among Louisiana’s black population, which amounts to 32 percent of the state – the nation’s second-largest black population percentage-wise.

Justification for black disillusionment is eloquently and explosively captured in the ad being run by Republican State Sen. Elbert Guillory’s FreeAtLast PAC.

Guillory shook things up in 2013 when the then-conservative black Democrat announced he was switching to the Republican Party.

In the ad, Guillory stands on Academy Street, in a poor black neighborhood in Opelouses, Louisiana, delivering his message, graphically powerful as the camera pans across the poverty of the neighborhood, that nothing has changed during the 18 years Mary Landrieu has represented Louisiana in the U.S. Senate. This ad doesn’t mention one program, one piece of legislation.

It attacks a mindset – a mindset that is hurting America and has been devastating black America for years.

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