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Any vote that silences Nancy Pelosi is a vote well cast


GTY_nancy_pelosi_kab_140509_16x9_608While the focus has been on the all important Senate races and the possibility of silencing Dingy Harry Reid,  let’s not take our eyes off the other prize: Ensuring the Wicked Witch of the West cannot become Speaker of the House. 

The political environment continues to deteriorate for House Democrats ahead of a midterm election that’s certain to diminish their ranks.

With President Barack Obama’s unpopularity hindering their candidates and Republican cash flooding into races across the country, Democrats are increasingly worried that the election will push them deep into the minority and diminish their hopes of winning back the majority in 2016 or beyond.

Looking to contain the damage, Democrats are pumping money into liberal congressional districts that were long thought to be safely in their column. Over the last several days, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has directed resources to maintain seats in Hawaii and Nevada, both of which broke sharply for the president in 2012 — an indication of just how much the terrain has shifted against the party over the past two years.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/10/house-dems-fret-debilitating-losses-112248.html#ixzz3HT4IOkdO

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