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Can the GOP talk to women?

With the midterm election right around the corner, what effect will female voters have on the outcome of hotly contested Senate seats? Will the Sandra Fluke factor influence female voters when they enter the voting booths on November 4th? Hopefully, we will have come a long way from the Unknowndays when Ms. Fluke was on the nightly news as well as President Obama’s speed dial.
Perhaps the greatest indicator that the “War on Women” campaign waged by the Democrats has fallen flat on its face can be seen in the newfound efforts of GOP Candidates who have finally started to fight back. They get that not every woman will vote for the Democrat candidate who panders to women spouting issues that are typically seen as “women’s issues.”
Take the 2013 McAuliffe-Cuccinelli race for VA Governor. McAuliffe was supposed to win the Governor’s mansion by 11 points, yet he did so by only 3.  McAuliffe focused almost every one of his ads on portraying Cuccinelli as an extremist when it comes to “women’s issues.”    Though unsuccessful, Cuccinelli fired back and stressed that all issues, including good jobs, schools and a healthcare system that actually works and won’t bankrupt the country are women’s issues. He was successful in getting women thinking that all issues are important to them, not just biological ones. More
Can the GOP Senate candidates deliver a message that will appeal to women?
“After six years of stagnating wages, sluggish growth and government incompetence, voters may be more primed to hear a Republican case that Democrats have succeeded only in producing more dependency. Republicans should make an honest case for how people’s lives will improve-lower healthcare costs, more abundant energy, better jobs, stronger national defense-if they pull the lever for Republicans.”
Will women get the message? Can GOP candidates blunt the media spin and not let themselves be tarred with the anti-woman brush? In just eight days we should have the answer.

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