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Warner started off corrupt and will end corrupt



Where is Mark Warner?

A seven-year-old law created after congressional Republicans pressured lobbying firms to hire their former staffers could be invoked against Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia.

Earlier this year, when then-Virginia state senator Phillip Puckett was considering resigning so his daughter could become a state judge without a conflict of interest, Warner intervened in an effort to convince him to stay.

In an hour-long conversation, Warner described other job opportunities he could help the state senator’s daughter get instead of the state judgeship, Puckett’s son told investigators.

Warner wanted Puckett to remain in office so Democrats could maintain state senate control. Doing so was essential to achieving Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s top legislative priority — Medicaid expansion in Virginia under the Obamacare program. More

Mark Warner made his massive fortune through cellphone licenses in a manner widely questioned to be dishonest. He has not been spotted on the campaign trail for days.

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