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The Last Debate


Cassidy LandreiuAfter an uninspiring round of “he said, she said,” the verdict on the Louisiana Senate candidate debate between Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) and Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy came out in favor of Cassidy.

Landrieu “debated like an underdog, suggesting her challenger could be jailed for stealing taxpayer money as a result of his $20,000-a-year side job at Louisiana State University.”

There was little of substance in the debate, mostly the opponents tried to besmirch each other, either for alleged frauds or association with an opposition group.


Cassidy: His NRA ‘A’ rating, pro-life stance, successful House bill on the Keystone pipeline, his quote, ‘If Sen. Landrieu represents Barack Obama, I represent you,’  ‘I think just because you disagree with the president doesn’t make you a racist.’ 

Landrieu: Obamacare support, ‘No law is perfect.’ 


Cassidy: Unable to produce papers there and then on his hours as a doctor at LSU Hospital.

Landrieu: Her failure to get the Keystone pipeline deal through the Senate,

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