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Rick Perry sounds out the experts


Unknown-1Rick Perry has held more events in Iowa than any other candidate considered to be a contender for the 2016 Republican nomination. And right now, he’s  inviting hundreds of big name Republican donors and policy experts to a series of gatherings next month that are intended to rebuild his damaged national brand and lay the foundation for a potential 2016 presidential campaign, fundraisers and organizers confirmed to POLITICO. Perry’s team expects he will meet in person with more than 500 major donors and bundlers from around the country in December as well as a slew of operatives, Republican National Committee members and policy experts. Perry has also been briefed —both in Austin and over the phone — by Lanhee Chen, the highly regarded policy director for Romney’s 2012 campaign, who authored a 172-page job-creation outline for Romney and likely would have played a leading role in a Romney White House.

Wealthy Texans will have a slew of potential candidates with their begging bowls out. Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz have both intimated they’ll run.

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