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UnknownAnd they’re off! California seeks a reshuffle of its Democrats and have asked Tom Steyer, the billionaire eco-fanatic to consider running. Just what we need, more rich, one-trick ponies telling us how to think.

POLITICO’s Alex Isenstadt: “A parade of ambitious California public figures, who’ve spent years itching for a shot at the state’s top political offices, are anticipating a shake-up of the state’s political hierarchy that could begin in a matter of weeks with the possible retirement of Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer. And some big names – including the mayor of Los Angeles – are already sizing up possible bids to succeed her.

“Democrat Eric Garcetti, the 43-year-old Los Angeles mayor, has had preliminary conversations about a possible campaign with Bill Carrick, a veteran political strategist in the state, according to one source … At a New York City dinner last week sponsored by the League of Conservation Voters, liberal activists pressed Tom Steyer, the billionaire hedge-fund manager and environmentalist from San Francisco, to consider a bid …

Most of the attention, though, is expected to center on a pair of rising stars: state Attorney General Kamala Harris, 50, and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, 47, both Democrats.”

NEVADA: “We’ve had conversations, yes.” – Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval on talking about a potential bid against Sen. Harry Reid, according to The Washington Post. According to the Post, Sandoval says he’s too busy right to think about a challenging Reid: If he doesn’t run, we like Bob Beers.

  • Allen

    Everyone, encourage Steyer to run. That way, he becomes a much bigger name with more scrutiny, his billions will be tied up with his campaign and not used all across the country and he’ll be constrained by the Byzantine campaign finance rules the left loves so much. And worst case scenario, he screws up California . . .

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