Republican Study Committee under new management


Bill_Flores,_Official_Portrait,_112th_CongressThey’re billing this as a less confrontational approach from the RSC.  Bill Flores is a gentle guy, and he claims he’s going to push the House rightwards. Let’s hope he doesn’t get highjacked into more arm-twisting behind closed doors and even less transparency than we get right now.

Rep. Bill Flores, a Texas Republican, says:

“When you look at all of the conservative groups in town and across the country, we all agree on the same things. Where we sometimes get into a disagreement is over the tactics to get to the endpoint,” Flores told POLITICO in a wide-ranging interview last week.

Flores said that under his leadership, the committee will meet earlier with Republican leaders to forge legislative compromises before a bill gets to the House floor. In particular, he plans to hold more serious face-to-face conversations with House leadership to advocate the RSC’s point of view when the leadership takes positions that are “expedient” and don’t “really fulfill all of our conservative agenda.”

“My goal is to be the tough negotiator but … not to air differences through press releases,” he said.

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