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VIDEO: First divorced Mormon President?


Unknown“Republicans normally nominate the heir apparent or the gold watch candidate, the one that’s been around for the longest time,” said John Zogby, CEO of Zogby Analytics and founder of the Zogby Poll.
“We go way back on that, one back to Richard Nixon in 1960 and in 1968. Now, we have two legitimate heirs to the throne and a Republican tradition.”

The latest poll from Townhall and Gravis Marketing shows Romney garnering an impressive 21 percent of Iowa Republican voters – and topping the possible GOP presidential field, The Hill reports.

It may not matter, Zogby said.

“A very prominent conservative Republican consultant called me last night and said that he spoke to Ann Romney over the weekend and Ann said if Mitt runs, he will run as the first divorced Mormon candidate for the president of the United States,” Zogby said.

“She is sending out the word at least privately that he’s not running. We got two interesting developments here – whether he runs or he doesn’t run.”

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