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Stomping the Flag Spreading on Social Media as “Protest”


Stomping on the American flag has become a full-fledged social media meme in the aftermath of a protest at Valdosta State University where a former Air Force vet was detained for trying to halt the practice.

Michelle Manhart was detained by police after she tried to save a flag from being stomped on by protesters.  Police ignored the flag stompers and essentially kicked Manhart off campus.

Later, it was revealed that the main organizer of the protest, Eric Sheppard, Jr. was armed and is now a fugitive from a weapons charge.

In response, Sheppard’s supporters have turned to social media using the hashtag #Ericsheppardchallenge to show their support for the fleeing felon and to heap disrespect onto America by posting photos and videos of themselves desecrating the American flag.

flag stoming Valdosta


es challenge



f the police

es challenge 2


Not only are protesters encouraged to show their support like this, they have created a funding page to pay for felon Eric Sheppard’s bail.  Will this page last long than the pages set up to defend Christian bakers or Officer Darryl Wilson?


  • bobtherebuilder

    What the hell is wrong with these dredges, and I’m not referring only to the “Flag stompers”…ALL of the sob’s , from the lowlife “online supporters”, to the wimps that just stood by and watched them not only stomp on the flag, but allowed the only person with the decency, and courage to stand up for OUR flag, be “detained”, down to the “officers” that detained her, should ALL be ashamed (of coarse that would be IF these folks HAD the emotion of shame)! This woman Michelle, served in the “Military”…think about this folks…she sacrificed everything in an effort to protect exactly what OUR Flag represents, she sacrificed a LOT more than just protecting it from “stompers”…yet when she “crossed” the P.C. line, on what is obviously a “prog/lib leftist” college campus, she gets “detained”….let me know if YOU see the twisted irony here….or is it just me??!!!!

  • harpo49

    did anyone notice that they were all bkack hey i’m just saying

  • Russ

    maybe it’s time for all of these BKACK PUNKS get a real good AS- Kicking. Slime Balls!!!

  • harpo49

    protest protest why don’t you useless @!#$%^$# get a friggin job and stop this childish crap

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