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Cartoon: Cartoon critics killed


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  • 22norm22

    Bumper stickers here in Texas read :

    ” DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS ” ! ! 2 Muslims learned the hard way .

  • eagle keeper

    Thank you Pamela Geller for standing up for your God given right of free speech! But you won’t hear that coming anywhere from the left, These two thugs wanted to trample the first, but met with deadly opposition from the second. Well met you Islamo leftist radical terrorists. Can’t think of any more to say, but I think you get the point? These rag heads forget whose yard they are playing in.

  • harpo49

    when are the smart people of this country going to make a stand it’s way past time

    • Jarhead

      We should have NUKED the MU-slime long ago in their desert goat farms.

  • Bob Stewart

    Liberals in the media believe that organizers who use provocative speech get what they deserve. I wonder if they also believe that women who dress provocatively deserve to be raped.


      Wow, that is not a fair question. I am sure they would say yes. Only because they need an excuse to do the raping report it makes them feel better to report it that way….

  • ABBAsFernando

    Clearly Muslim Barbarians and VILE LIBERAL SCUM share the same beliefs concerning forcing others who disagree with them to submit to their EVIL ideology.


      Hi, where have you been I have been looking for you? The last time I talked to you was when you had been sick for 3 days . Then I heard nothing more and I was so worried I thought you were really sick. I even called the Vets hospital to see if you were there…. then I tried one of your FB friends. john never got an answer. But you were still there under Kenneth. I am so angry with you. why would you talk to me than not let me know what is wrong? Then last night I saw you were on again. under ken. I had to shut my FB down. Had a few problems. Now you are no longer under Ken like you were last night. My computer would not let me sign in to make comments last night. So I went to bed early. If you get this please answer me. Even if you decide you don’t want to bee friends. just let me know. I have been listening to ABBA and Fernando is playing. Did you know they are back on tour in America? after 30 years. They look pretty good. OK , will you please get back to me !!!

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