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Cartoon: It’s in the bag


Hillary is weighed down by her baggage and that includes her incredible hypocrisy. Check out the latest Branco Toon and forward it to your friends!


  • sherri palmer

    Is Benghazi no longer an issue?

    • LandMinesOTB


      • Franie


      • 1bob

        Ben Dover?

    • theronald

      Yes, it is. I hope it gains a lot more attention in the next 18 months.

    • douber1


    • caligirl1960

      Trey “the pitbull” Gowdy is gonna take killery and hopefully Obama too because he tried to bury the truth too.

    • Barbara Wagner

      Apparently note just swept under the carpet like her other crimes

  • PBHayes

    The Clinton’s have been committing felonies their entire public lives with no accountability. People who vote for the likes of Obama and the Clinton’s are committed to the destruction of America and that’s what has happened to our once great nation.

    • Tids1960

      It’s not just the Clintons… All three branches of the last administrations
      ( note : Administrations as in going back years and years )

  • uchsamin

    Bills a pedophile and the witch is a Lying lesbian………qualifications for the Presidency?………after uhbama’s reign of terror maybe its a step up from the bottom?

    • Franie

      Don’t kid yourself! She’s just a female version of Obama and possibly even worse.

      • Nancy

        My sentiments totally. But, she wears a pants suit, never a dress. What’s that tell ya?

        • General “Bull” Krapper

          It tells me she doesn’t want her balls to show. And she’s gotta have really big ones to keep showing her ugly mug after all the corruption, scandals, killings, etc. These 2 people have absolutely no shame. — Stay Well, Safe & Free

          • Nancy

            You too General “Bull” Krapper – Stay Well, Safe and Free. Maybe it all stems from her hanging boobs!!

          • General “Bull” Krapper

            When did they hang Slick Willie & their daughter, the Amy Carter look-alike winner? — Stay Well, Safe & Free

    • Barbara Wagner

      You are correct

  • GlobalThinkTank

    My Question too; Is the Ton of Garbage in the Cart a Metaphor for Benghazi?…”What Difference Does It Make?”…what’s in the cart; ‘He Didn’t Have Sexual Relations With That Woman,’ and Hillary Didn’t Have Anything To Do With Benghazi….so they say.

    • al.k

      yeah and they are dead broke, people actually pay thousands hear her speak, I personally wouldn’t pay 10cents and waste my time to hear her lie!

      • William Keeney

        They would have to pay me a $1000, to attend her speech. Thats what it would cost to have my body fully vented, to get rid of all the lies, and, BS, I would have to breath in during the speech !!!!

  • 2riotous

    It’s in the bag! Are more bags needed?

  • jngtelco

    Why would anyone vote for “The Butcher of Benghazi”? But some stupid people will as well as the “Low Information Voters”

    • 1bob

      Careful with that meatcutter remark…they’ll come after you with AK-47’s…they have a lot of Muslim ties, you know.

      • Barbara Wagner

        True I better get my gun loaded

    • Kurt Hanssen

      Banghazie is just a bit in the puzzle, 33 americans associated with whitewater, and other scandals has died a mysterious dets, a lot of so called suesides. No wonder they call her KILLERY. !!

      • Barbara Wagner

        They are killers and will stop anyone who opposes them

    • Barbara Wagner

      Your are correct have the public gone brain dead?

  • bamissfa

    doncha just love how the media’s pushing the ESTABLISHMENT choices in GOP.

    • 1bob

      Where do they keep digging up the Jeb numbers? Same group appointed McCain as our choice…that was a winner!

  • harpo49

    what a friggin sow she is

  • Standandfight

    What a mixed pot of nothingness. That’s the best this country can do we are truly done.

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