Bush Leads Latest GOP New Hampshire Poll


Undeclared candidate Jeb Bush still leads the way in the Granite State according to the latest WMUR Granite State poll released Wednesday.

Bush is in the lead with 15 percent support, followed by Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) at 12 percent, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker at 11 percent and Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.) at 10 percent.


In the second tier of contenders, Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) takes 6 percent support, followed by businessman Donald Trump at 5 percent, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry at 4 percent, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina at 4 percent, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee pulling 3 percent each.


“Bush, Rubio, Walker and Paul seem to be separating themselves slightly from the rest of the field but this is likely due to press attention rather than any real campaign work,” said Andrew Smith, Director of the UNH Survey Center.


Marco Rubio lead the way in the favorability ratings, with 60% of polled GOP voters having a favorable opinion of the Florida Senator.  Rand Paul and Scott Walker were the only other two candidates to break 50% with Paul at 51% and Walker at 50%.

Donald Trump was the most disliked potential GOP candidate at 56%.  Jeb Bush came in 4th with a 34% dislike rating.

Rubio and Walker lead the GOP field in net favorability (the percentage who have a favorable opinion of him or her minus the percentage who have an unfavorable opinion) among Republican primary voters.


Rubio’s net favorability rating is +44%, up from +24% in February while Walker’s net favorability rating is +36%, up from +30% in February. GOP candidates with moderate net favorability ratings include neurosurgeon Ben Carson (+22%) and Paul (+20%).


Texas senator Ted Cruz (+15%), former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee (+13%), Bush (+11%), former Texas Governor Rick Perry (+5%), Christie (-1%), Santorum (-2%), former New York governor George Pataki (-10%) and Trump (-29%) have low net favorability ratings, despite most Republican Primary voters knowing them.


Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal (+11%), businesswoman Carly Fiorina (+10%), Ohio governor John Kasich (+3%), former ambassador John Bolton (+0%), South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham (-4%), former Maryland governor Bob Ehrlich (-7%), former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore (-8%), and New York congressman Peter King (-18%) have low net favorability ratings, and are also are not well known.




  • bookworm

    Says who? You believe this, then I have a bunch of bridges for sale, cheap.


    You have to be kidding! Right? Jeb Bush? Oh, I don’t think so! And neither does most of America! This is a drive by media ploy! Plain and simple!

    • Vern Davis

      Yes I think the Dems are driving these poll figures. They know Jeb can’t beat any Democrat, so lets push him.

    • Dennis Chase

      I the GOP Nominates Geb, or any other Rino, 8M republicans will stay home in 2016.

    • steven

      One can only hope the rest of the country is that smart,my man.
      Truth be told,I don’t think so.

    • bobwhite

      They will do whatever they can to sway another election.

  • wildeagleone

    Bush is not going in on his own but rather depending on his Father and His brother to carry him through the election and then, his liberal side will come in.I have a no vote for Bush

  • WVF

    I don’t believe this lying poll for one minute! No more Bushes or Clintonistas! This is all a lie! The GOP elites are going to cram this loser down out throats again. Hitlery Rotten Benghazi Clinton will be beat Jeb Bushwhacker, and the Democrats and the media know it!

  • Scott K. Pierce Sr

    I guess it proves you can manipulate the numbers however you want… Every other poll has Jeb last

  • Saddletramp1st

    Bush is just a bleached-out Obama

    • Dennis B Anderson

      Watch it Obie 2 Tone might take offence and bring in his promiced 35,000 cubans without a smile.

  • dan9el

    This statement of….:Bush on front” that is fabricated by his cam…inclined to believe I am.

  • dan9el

    Although quite a lot can be presented about Mr Jeb Bush…..let’s be just simple here.

    Mr Jeb Bush, another republican RNINO-type just like John McCain, Romney, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul …..and others.

    Let’s take a quick look.

    Jeb Bush is the Godfather of Common Core and Pro Amnesty

    Jeb Bush Believes He Can ‘Persuade’ Republicans To Support Amnesty Legislation During 2016 Presidential Campaign

    He more like the past two Republican nominees, Mitt Romney and John McCain….both liberal inclined.


    Three reasons why Republicans don’t want Jeb Bush in 2016 (+video)

    Coal for GOP: ‘Other/Not Sure’ over Mitt, Jeb, Rand in 2016 shock poll
    With no obvious heir apparent as the Republican’s 2016 presidential pick, GOP voters are unsure which of the potential 16 candidates they like, choosing “Other/Not Sure” ahead of Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and Sen. Rand Paul in a new poll released Christmas Day.

    Bottom line;….

    Why Jeb Bush is Not a Conservative

    We can begin with immigration. The idea that immigration is an unqualified, indisputable good thing has spread like swamp fever from the moderate Left (Establishment Republicans) to infect much of the rest of the Party, including even some good people who would at least qualify as Conservative-leaning.

    And so;….
    Jeb Bush Will Not Run as a Conservative

    His father and his brother captured the Republican nomination for president, posing as conservatives, then governed as moderates. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (shown), however, appears determined to chart a different course. If he does make a bid for president, this Bush is sending clear signals that it will not be as a conservative.

    And that for short,….just another RINO.

    And for everyone consideration here is a bonus idea;….As an experiment Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush could be in the same ticket (it matters not who for president or vice-president)…present the ticket to the american electorate which are virtually totally reluctant to do any type of research or investigation on who they are voting for,…and let’s see what happen.

    Input anyone? Opinions welcome.

  • Dennis B Anderson

    Lets lead him out of country he can try saving the mexican population on the other side of the border with his daddys oil money The Smuck.

  • thomas demotta

    I will not vote for illegal aliens,no common Bush,NO ONE WORLD ORDER.

  • David

    Bush is as phony as a three dollar bill…….NH lost it’s common sense…….

  • Sandra Heiser

    So how many, on this poll, were democrats? I don’t believe the poll even from Fox.

  • joespenthouse

    This is the last Clown we need in any kind of lead, he is a Rhino man and he sides with Ovomit, and is also for blanket amnesty. This is one guy we definitely do not need, No Way-No How.

  • joespenthouse

    We need to get our lives in order or kiss our butts good bye, these Conservative and GOP law makers have to start working together, or we are done and I’m not going down with out a fight, our kids and grandchildren are in harms way, they could be at a concert, ball game or the mall and the terrorist O dumb ass gave free entry to would have no problem beheading and murdering Americans.

    • Merle Dickey

      I think he funds them with our money !

  • joespenthouse

    ISIS threatens blogger who organized Texas free speech event

  • Barmaid51

    Obviously the are polling Southern New Hampshire where Massholes moved to, to avoid the higher tax rate in Massachusetts. But now are trying to make N.H. into Massachusetts.

  • Merle Dickey

    Strange , no one I have talked to wants him !! They all are favoring walker, rubio and cruz and Paul over him !!!!

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