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Why does the left hate entry-level jobs?

Editors Note: The following is a guest post by Rick Manning President of Americans for Limited Government and a former Public Affairs Chief of Staff at the U.S. Department of Labor.


Why does the left hate entry-level jobs?

That’s what many former fast food workers must be asking themselves after massive increases in the minimum wage in places like Seattle, Washington are being blamed for a wave of restaurant closures. Closures that deprive entry-level workers an opportunity to gain the work skill sets needed for the rest of their lives.

Fully one-third of all Americans in the workforce got their start in the restaurant industry, including this author, who proudly remembers working at Carl’s Jr. in Corona, California for minimum wage while attending Riverside City College.  The discipline to keep a schedule, show up on time, work hard, and pay some bills while living at home has served me well for a lifetime.

When my wife turned sixteen, she got on her bicycle and hit every fast food restaurant in the small Central Valley town of Hanford, California, revisiting stores every week until the local KFC hired her. The money earned helped her afford her first car, pay for her insurance and gas, and attain a measure of independence that allowed her to thrive as an undergraduate at the University of Southern California. At USC, she worked her way through school waiting tables at the local diner while carrying a full academic load.kfc

Unfortunately, the self-serving, left-wing, professional troublemakers and their labor union financiers seem bent on destroying these vital experiences for life success for the next generation of America’s workforce.

For evidence of the devastation caused by demands for wages that are not justified based upon the cost the public is willing to pay for their products, one only has to go to the local grocery store. Not too long ago, that store had retail clerks and baggers lined up to help check out customers in a friendly and efficient way. Now, largely due to labor costs, many checkout stands require the customer to scan themselves out, with the embarrassment of having to let everyone know that you can’t figure out which type of apple you are buying to the satisfaction of Siri’s wicked cousin in the machine who loudly demands that you scan the item again.

Where pimply-faced, sixteen-year-old kids used to eagerly bag your groceries and even offer to help you out to your car, the customer now has to fumble around bagging their own, in the bag they brought, creating a strange wistfulness for the good ol’ days of the 2000s.

Fast food and entry-level job juggernaut McDonald’s is shuttering 700 stores due to poor profitability, a problem that would be exacerbated by an increased minimum wage and unionization. If each of these stores employs just forty people, these closures amount to job losses for 28,000 people, most of whom are entry-level workers or people learning business management skills. The exact kind of do-gooder collateral damage that has become the hallmark of drive-by liberals who stir up trouble and when they succeed, move to the next town, leaving those they left behind to bear the costs.

At a time when the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the unemployment rate for those aged 16-19 is more than three times the rate for the population as a whole, America needs to tell those who clamor for a so-called “living wage” thanks, but no thanks. After all, it is better to have a wage, rather than none at all. And it is definitely better for young adults to have the hope of getting a job, rather than the embarrassment of knowing that they are going to have to ask Mom or Dad for cash to take their girlfriend to the movies.

So why do leftists hate entry-level workers? Perhaps it is because when young people work, earn a wage, and are able to take care of some of their own bills, they increasingly become independent and self-sufficient, the exact type of citizen who frees himself from the chains of the dependency state in which progressives thrive.

The simple freedom of cashing your first paycheck and having money in your pocket that is yours to spend is one of the first steps to economic adulthood. Let’s hope the quests for unionization of entry-level employees and for forced minimum wage increases don’t deny our kids this vital learning experience.



    If they have to start at the bottom, it takes away from their self-esteem. Look at our POS president.

  • the American

    Bwahahahaha, you just have to laugh at the stupidity of leftist demwits and their braindead supporters. ..welcome to no future, welcome to the deadend party of democrats.

  • donald540

    The Democrats do NOT seem to have WORKED in the private sector for minimum wage when they were young.

    The YOUNG NEED the jobs to learn how to interact with employers and to learn what it takes to KEEP their jobs and to earn money. The earlier they learn this lesson the BETTER they will be later in LIFE.

    Minimum wage give the employers the chance to employ the young and TEACH them a TRADE while getting cheap labor to expand their business. Without this minimum wage as YOU CAN SEE in Seattle is COSTING a LOT of businesses to CLOSE and a LOT of young people to LOOSE their jobs because the businesses can NOT support those HIGHER minimum wages.

  • Shauna

    Why does the left hate entry-level jobs?

    BECAUSE, we have created a nation of entitled, uneducated crap…….period.

    • the American

      Dead on and can’t stop laughing!!!

      • Shauna

        Awww..shucks..the fact that your chuckling makes me smile now…thanks.
        I’m astounded at the mentality of the people today..I suggest we send every one of these brats overseas to show what they are dealing with AND what they have here in the good ole USA. ONLY THEN, will we begin to see the change, the real change that is proper of FREEDOM…Love your kids? EDUCATE them or send them to other countries to SEE what we have here. I am sick of this POS pretender in the white house. He HATES this country, make no mistake, and make NO MISTAKE, his DEATH is the only thing that will save us….

        • the American

          yes… if he mysteriously fell ill with some airborne pathogen or fell off a cliff (wink wink), it wouldn’t bother me one stinkin’ bit, not a “smidgen”.

          • Shauna


        • John C. ‘Buck’ Field

          …Um, and what other countries have you lived in, exactly?

          Posts like yours, which feature “FREEDOM” are used to make us the butt of jokes to teenagers from Patagonia to Stockholm.

          These jokes feature the enthusiastic ignorance of masses of people from a country that can afford it.

          • Shauna

            I’m regarded leftist by many, and I don’t hate entry-level jobs, but I have stopped beating my wife

            Looking at your response to me, and people are supposed to believe you???? Just like a true POS liberal, no one can have any fun….Hey, here is a thought, don’t like what I have to say? Don’t read it!! How bout that? As far as living in other countries? many douche bag and I travel all over the world, so you can take your “butt” jokes and shove it, I’ve been all over and do not need YOU to tell me how I can or shouldn’t reply…Go back to your mama’s basement and bother someone else. I will exercise my right to free speech ANYWAY I want to, GOT IT?

          • John C. ‘Buck’ Field

            I’m sorry my post upset you. The wife-beating reference was a supposed to be interpreted as adding humor which relied on understanding the loaded question fallacy (see: from the post’s title “Why does the left hate entry-level jobs?”

            My approach is constitutional conservative, in that I set my priorities according to the Preable, as in:
            – Unity
            – Justice
            – Peace
            – Defense of the community
            – Welfare of the community

            – Ensure the blessings of freedom

            While I support your and everyone’s right to speech, I believe the purpose of such freedom is so we can learn from those who disagree and perhaps learn.

            People who disagree with me have been a main source of learning for me anyway.

          • Allen

            Your analogy between the post’s title and the old wife beating joke is invalid because the Left does in fact hate entry-level jobs. Truth is a defense in libel. Why else would the phrase McJobs be created except as a pejorative?

            Then you can look at policy . . . raising the minimum wage destroys entry-level jobs. This is axiomatic. Simple supply and demand economics. So anyone who wants to interfere with market forces and raise the minimum wage is de facto destroying jobs. It’s not a mighty leap from actively destroying those jobs to believing in an actual animus.

            Surprisingly, no one neither lib or conservative knows if they will disagree with someone’s opinion before they read it. If you mean to infer that conservatives are closed minded and as a lib, you are open minded that’s just BS.

            I find it interesting that unity is first among priorities from the Constitution and freedom is last. Which essentially means I can be free as long as I’m free exactly like everyone else.

          • John C. ‘Buck’ Field

            Hi Allen,

            I had to google up “McJob”.
            > Why else would the phrase McJobs be created except as a pejorative?

            It is a pejorative, but not against the job, at leased based on all the definitions I found. Instead its pejorative of “low-paying”, “requires little skill” and “provides little opportunity for advancement”. These are the kind of things which degrade people, and liberals from Jesus to Adam Smith condemned the rich and powerful from devaluing people in such roles.

            My mention of the need to read opinions was not to infer that conservatives are closed minded, it was to respond to the instruction I received that said: “don’t like what I have to say? Don’t read it!!”

          • Shauna

            Ok, so it’s alright if you joke about beating your wife, but it’s not ok if I post a pic about a savage being water boarded…then, after attacking my post, you come back and say it’s because you wanted me to learn from you…do you say that to your wife after you beat her??? Typical liberal arrogance. I may not write like you, but I’m very well aware of what’s happening in our country, I’m involved and engaged, and as for learning? I see both sides, and I’ve seen what liberal ideology has done and seen what free market has accomplished. Your liberal ideology is a epic fail….what else is there to learn? Spare me….and go away…

          • John C. ‘Buck’ Field

            Hi Shauna,

            I’m not sure we’re reading the same posts.

            > it’s not ok if I post a pic about a savage being water boarded

            I made no comments about you posting a pic, in fact: I didn’t even know what the picture depicted.

            > you come back and say it’s because you wanted me to learn from you

            You’re mistaken; Such offensive idea was never expressed.

            > what free market has accomplished

            I have yet to meet an economic free market enthusiast who knows what it is, its purpose, and why they are impossible in the real world.

          • Shauna

            Hi Shauna,
            I’m not sure we’re reading the same posts.
            it’s not ok if I post a pic about a savage being water boarded
            I made no comments about you posting a pic, in fact: I didn’t even know what the picture depicted.
            All this tells me is that you didn’t read the whole post, those pics came along with my comments, which tells me you just got on to attack me before actually reading all the your either stalking me or a wife beating flea…which is it?

            you come back and say it’s because you wanted me to learn from you
            You’re mistaken; Such offensive idea was never expressed.
            You made the comment about people learning from people you disagree with…If I misunderstood you, then I apologize, but bank on the fact that I do not want anything to do with commie liberals, and while I’m open to fresh ideas, I’m not open to this current administration or it’s ilk’s ideas, the damage done to this country in the last 8 years is going to take forever to fix, if it even can be fixed now….I do not want big govt and there is no discussion that will ever change that…period.

            what free market has accomplished
            I have yet to meet an economic free market enthusiast who knows what it is, its purpose, and why they are impossible in the real world.
            It’s obvious you do not work int he real world or you would understand what it takes to start a small business and how that economic engine actually works…giving some McDonald’s worker $15 per hour to crack gum, give attitude, and get my order wrong is not going to do anything but cause businesses to close, and it’s already happening.
            We will never agree with each other so I suggest you move along..Oh and you might want to check out economics 101…might help…

          • John C. ‘Buck’ Field

            Hi Shauna,

            Please don’t feel attacked – we’re just talking and I don’t bear you ANY bad feelings…at all. I think we mainly disagree on the current situation.

            You’re concern about McD’s workers who are terrible is valid, and
            $15/hour won’t get rid of all of the problem employees, but I think
            raising minimums so people can make enough for a life of dignity helps them behave better. It certainly is helpful to me.

            Obama, for example. I’m astonished anyone thinks he’s a commie liberal, because if he were, I think it would be a major improvement. Growing up in my neighborhood in Des Moines, the only communist thing I ever was around was our local public library. We never called it communist of course, but it was considered “owned” by everyone in the community. We all had a right to speak about what it should and shouldn’t do, which I liked. We got together with open discussion where people collaborated to make our neighborhood better for everyone even when we disagreed on stuff like banning certain books or art.

            I’m in a socialist country now, and although it seems to have about the same percentage of scammers as the US, people generally share the notion we have an obligation to work together and talk about dealing with problems & taking care of neighborhoods together so we all do better. It feels like the old neighborhood public library attitude, only it’s applied more broadly.

  • kruggerx

    The article is right in so many ways. I too worked and the golden arches. I was never able to attend college farm families don’t think much of it and we never could afford it. My younger siblings went. Because us older ones were home to work and provide funding. The main issue that the author does not address is what is the next step up the ladder from entry level. most American like my self went into construction. The trades became over loaded in the 80’s 90’s when American manufacturing was shipped over seas for slave labor. Yes the government forced the Buffet’s and Romney’s to retrain. Majority of plant workers were not college educated. So what else but the construction field. Floorcovering paid crap in the 80-90’s. Then came the building bust caused by wall street paper pushers. So while yes entry level jobs have historically been stepping stones. With the lack of jobs for non-college grads fast food jobs have become the only jobs available. I would like to know what the author would his children on a field to pursue. With the lack of blue collar jobs in America and the OUTRAGOUS cost of college what jobs are left for plain ole working Americans? We need jobs. When will DC admit those Bush “job creator” tax cuts are nothing but a GIFT to the top. Has the author gone to the grocery store lately? Has he seen that a pound of hot dogs is equal to an hours work at minimum wage. I am sure he lived in mom & dads basement and didn’t have to buy food on a minimum wage paycheck.

    • albaby2

      Did you even try before you decided it was someone else’s fault that you didn’t have an education?

  • John C. ‘Buck’ Field

    Why does the left hate entry-level jobs?

    I’m regarded leftist by many, and I don’t hate entry-level jobs, but I have stopped beating my wife 😉

  • harpo49

    they only want the miunimum wage raised for they can get more tax money they could care less about how people live

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