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Cartoon – The Endgame


Tom Brady, be glad deflated footballs are your only problem.  Check out this Branco Toon and share with your friends!



  • Bob Stewart

    I’m no Brady fan, but the NFL has reinstated the term indentured servant. How can a business enslave individuals with a contract that should be illegal? Where is the proof Brady cheated? I wouldn’t give the NFL my email either. Goodell must have gotten his training in East Berlin. It’s time for Goodell to go.

    • Allen

      Did you read the texts? It clear the Patriots people were deflating gameballs and that Brady knew it. Maybe the punishment doesn’t fit the crime but there absolutely was a crime committed.

    • azsequaya

      We`re ALL slaves of the global banking elite !!!! They own or CONTROL the entire world !!!!

  • LieutenantCharlie

    The Clinton Crime Family at home!

  • harpo49

    this it what America has become under just 6 years of communist rule sucks don’t it

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