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Obama’s Entire Osama bin Laden Story a Lie Claims New Report


Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh dropped a 10,000 word bomb on President Obama and his tale about the death of Osama bin Laden.

Among the revelations are:

  • bin Laden had been a prisoner of the Pakistan intelligence at the Abbottabad compound since 2006 (something revealed previously in “Osama bin Laden ‘protected by Pakistan in return for Saudi cash“)
  • that the two most senior Pakistani military leaders knew of the raid in advance and had made sure that the two helicopters delivering the Seals to Abbottabad could cross Pakistani airspace without triggering any alarms;
  • that the CIA did not learn of bin Laden’s whereabouts by tracking his couriers, as the White House has claimed since May 2011, but from a former senior Pakistani intelligence officer who betrayed the secret in return for much of the $25 million reward offered by the US,
  • and that, while Obama did order the raid and the Seal team did carry it out, many other aspects of the administration’s account were false.


Hersh describes how Obama promised Pakistani intelligence services Osama would be killed, not captured and his death accounted for by a drone strike in Afghanistan rather than in Pakistan.

It was clear to all by this point, the retired official said, that bin Laden would not survive: ‘Pasha told us at a meeting in April that he could not risk leaving bin Laden in the compound now that we know he’s there. Too many people in the Pakistani chain of command know about the mission. He and Kayani had to tell the whole story to the directors of the air defence command and to a few local commanders.


This story blew up when one of the attack helicopters crashed in the compound on the night of the raid.

Should Obama stand by the agreement with Kayani and Pasha and pretend a week or so later that bin Laden had been killed in a drone attack in the mountains, or should he go public immediately? The downed helicopter made it easy for Obama’s political advisers to urge the latter plan. The explosion and fireball would be impossible to hide, and word of what had happened was bound to leak. Obama had to ‘get out in front of the story’ before someone in the Pentagon did: waiting would diminish the political impact.


Obama’s speech was put together in a rush, the retired official said, and was viewed by his advisers as a political document, not a message that needed to be submitted for clearance to the national security bureaucracy. This series of self-serving and inaccurate statements would create chaos in the weeks following.

There is even conflicting accounts of what happened in the compound on the night of the raid.  Obama described it as a “firefight” while evidence suggests Pakistani guards had been removed and Osama was essentially defenseless.

One lie that has endured is that the Seals had to fight their way to their target. Only two Seals have made any public statement: No Easy Day, a first-hand account of the raid by Matt Bissonnette, was published in September 2012; and two years later Rob O’Neill was interviewed by Fox News. Both men had resigned from the navy; both had fired at bin Laden. Their accounts contradicted each other on many details, but their stories generally supported the White House version, especially when it came to the need to kill or be killed as the Seals fought their way to bin Laden. O’Neill even told Fox News that he and his fellow Seals thought ‘We were going to die.’ ‘The more we trained on it, the more we realised … this is going to be a one-way mission.’


But the retired official told me that in their initial debriefings the Seals made no mention of a firefight, or indeed of any opposition. The drama and danger portrayed by Bissonnette and O’Neill met a deep-seated need, the retired official said: ‘Seals cannot live with the fact that they killed bin Laden totally unopposed, and so there has to be an account of their courage in the face of danger. The guys are going to sit around the bar and say it was an easy day? That’s not going to happen.’


On 5 May, every member of the Seal hit team – they had returned to their base in southern Virginia – and some members of the Joint Special Operations Command leadership were presented with a nondisclosure form drafted by the White House’s legal office; it promised civil penalties and a lawsuit for anyone who discussed the mission, in public or private. ‘The Seals were not happy,’ the retired official said. But most of them kept quiet, as did Admiral William McRaven, who was then in charge of JSOC. ‘McRaven was apoplectic. He knew he was fucked by the White House, but he’s a dyed-in-the-wool Seal, and not then a political operator, and he knew there’s no glory in blowing the whistle on the president. When Obama went public with bin Laden’s death, everyone had to scramble around for a new story that made sense, and the planners were stuck holding the bag.’


Hersh also follows Osama’s body and finds almost all records, photographic and in official Navy log books, has been scrubbed.

One of them sought access to the photographs. The Pentagon responded that a search of all available records had found no evidence that any photographs had been taken of the burial. Requests on other issues related to the raid were equally unproductive. The reason for the lack of response became clear after the Pentagon held an inquiry into allegations that the Obama administration had provided access to classified materials to the makers of the film Zero Dark Thirty. The Pentagon report, which was put online in June 2013, noted that Admiral McRaven had ordered the files on the raid to be deleted from all military computers and moved to the CIA, where they would be shielded from FOIA requests by the agency’s ‘operational exemption’.


McRaven’s action meant that outsiders could not get access to the Carl Vinson’s unclassified logs. Logs are sacrosanct in the navy, and separate ones are kept for air operations, the deck, the engineering department, the medical office, and for command information and control. They show the sequence of events day by day aboard the ship; if there has been a burial at sea aboard the Carl Vinson, it would have been recorded.

Obama also claimed a “treasure trove” of intelligence had been captured during the raid.

In May 2012, the Combating Terrrorism Centre at West Point, a private research group, released translations it had made under a federal government contract of 175 pages of bin Laden documents. Reporters found none of the drama that had been touted in the days after the raid. Patrick Cockburn wrote about the contrast between the administration’s initial claims that bin Laden was the ‘spider at the centre of a conspiratorial web’ and what the translations actually showed: that bin Laden was ‘delusional’ and had ‘limited contact with the outside world outside his compound’.

The retired official disputed the authencity of the West Point materials: ‘There is no linkage between these documents and the counterterrorism centre at the agency. No intelligence community analysis. When was the last time the CIA: 1) announced it had a significant intelligence find; 2) revealed the source; 3) described the method for processing the materials; 4) revealed the time-line for production; 5) described by whom and where the analysis was taking place, and 6) published the sensitive results before the information had been acted on? No agency professional would support this fairy tale.’

Hersh’s portrayal of the Osama raid differs sharply from the mainstream media’s “hero” depiction of Obama and the “toughest call a President has ever made” narrative.  Instead, it shows a President caught up in a web of lies and ready to sacrifice the truth for his ultimate political objective: winning a 2nd term.

  • jlcham

    And he sacrificed the lives of the seal team in a helicopter shot down so none of them could refute anything he claimed.

    • Tids1960

      meaning he killed more Americans without trials…
      Isn’t that murder here in America ?

  • Richard Bagenstose

    bin-lauden was dead a long time before barry took office ,they where just holding the story for when the needed it ,and chanm is right , oboma got ride of all the seals from speaking out , just like he did with stevens and his gun running to isis ,barry has killed more americans then al-queada or isis did

  • PPTA

    Everything Obama claims is a lie. Everything. He has left no hope in the Minority Americans who want Jobs, The Jobs went to the illegals. He has left no hope in the American People regarding Health Care. Many are working two even three part time jobs just to make ends meet. What ever is good for America, The Far Left Democrats vote against, or if it passes, Obama Vetoes it. What ever is bad for America, if it doesn’t pass he will write a illegal executive order for, This man is the most evil person I have ever seen. Put ten Hitlers together, then add ten like Stalin, 10 like Mayo, and Obama is still the most evil. Our allies are even turning against us. Soon the first Amendment will be history, starting with the internet freedom of speech. And the Rino Republicans do nothing but say a bunch of worthless words, then vote with Obama.

  • donald540

    Looks like just ANOTHER of a LONG, LONG list of LIES that Obama has TOLD. As I have said “HOW LONG are YOU there in congress going to just LET Obama KEEP on LYING to the PEOPLE of America? ? ? ? ? ? ?”

  • setemfree

    No one ever seen the body.. Not even the sailors aboard the ship that he was dumped from. He still walkds and talks and laughs with Obama.

  • Tids1960

    You can’t kill Tim Osman twice… not when he died in 2001

  • Allen

    What is most interesting to me is that Obama was prepared to lie about where Osama was allegedly killed mostly to protect the lives of the Pakistani intelligence officers who were helping him achieve the one act which probably won him his second term. Then, when it became necessary for his political future, he was eager to move to a second lie and double cross the Pakistanis. Truth isn’t even an option, only the political gain.

    I only hope people will read this and do some thinking. Maybe Hirsh hasn’t got all of the story and maybe some of the details are wrong but the preponderance of evidence suggests Obama and by extension the government lied about crucial details for political purposes. We WANT people to get cynical when it comes to government pronouncements especially when it concerns war. When they start beating the drums to send American troops overseas for some imagined slight or another, perhaps enough people will stop and think: Hey if they lied about this what makes me think they aren’t lying this time too? Perhaps that’s too much to ask.

  • harpo49

    his whole time as president has been a LIE

  • 4Pip

    It was stupid of the Navy to bury him in the fashion they did because when the Seals died a person from the muslims buried them. He just damned them and threw them in a hole and O did nothing.

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