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Liberals Outnumber Conservatives 6-1 as Commencement Speakers


It’s not an earth-shattering stunner to realize most institutes of higher learning in America are decidedly left-wing.  However, the colleges constantly lecture the rest of us about fairness and how important it is to hear all voices.

Except, as you would expect, they fail to practice what they preach.

The Young Americans Foundation (YAF) conducted a through survey of commencement speakers invited to the top 100 colleges in 2015.

There were nine liberal speakers to every one conservative speaker at the nation’s top 50 schools and no conservative speakers at the top 10.


The survey also found that no conservatives currently in office were invited to give a commencement speech this year. However, Democratic office holders such as Vice President Joe Biden, Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Sen. Michael Bennet (Colo.), Congressman John Lewis (Ga.), and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti have all been invited to speak at graduations. The trend extends to members of the Obama administration and their predecessors in the Bush administration. 14 Bush officials were invited to give commencement speeches during the eight years they were in office whereas nine Obama officials have been invited in this year alone.


YAF said this year’s survey reflects a continuing trend in higher education. Last year liberal speakers outnumber conservative ones by 5 to 1. It was 4 to 1 in 2013 and 7 to 1 in 2012.


  • PPTA

    Higher education, even down to public schools in grade schools and above, have turned to politics and teaching lies. it has been like that for a few years now. Baby Boomers who became teachers, were draft doggers, drug users, free love people in the sixties, and early seventies, they spit on our troops coming home from Viet Nam. They infiltrated our education system and started teaching lies. Changing historical facts. Take a Look at Bill Ayres and people like him. This is why Private schools are doing so well. They teach truth. When I go to my class reunion, I see many of these idiots that are now retired but still spewing the BS..

  • harpo49

    only 6 to 1

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