Barack Obama, The White House

Are You Successful? Obama Says You Are Just “Society’s Lottery Winners”


He’s said it before.

Remember, “If you‘ve got a business, you didn’t build that.”

Well, President Obama has once again aimed his class warfare rhetoric at anyone who is successful in America by calling them “Society’s Lottery Winners.”

So, you who spent 18 hours a day, 7 days a week building your small business into something meaningful or a doctor who spent years in school and sweated through long and trying days as a resident . . . congratulations your President thinks it was all just the luck of the draw.

Although, if anyone can say they hit society’s lottery jackpot, it’s this guy.


  • the American

    Well, i can see how he applies that philosophy, it applied to his presidency no?….or maybe something you find in a crackerjack box?…..I think that’s where we are at now with ocommie. …an extremely low bar for future presidential potential hopefuls to set for themselves…

    • harpo49

      you are correct this f ing idiot really set the bar pretty low I only he trips on it when he leaves the white house

  • harpo49

    Again I ask is this f—— IDIOT for real

  • eagle keeper

    George Soros sure got his moneys worth when he got this pos elected.

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