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Huckabee “Most Liked” Candidate to GOP Voters Says New FOX Poll


Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee topped all GOP Presidential candidates tested with a 58% favorable rating among potential GOP primary voters according to a new FOX News poll.


The poll was taken shortly after Huckabee announced his candidacy and contained another bit of good news for the candidate.  He was tabbed as the most ethical candidate with 36% of voters saying he is more ethical than other candidates and the fewest (18%) saying he was less ethical.

Jeb Bush and Dr. Ben Carson paced the candidates in the “Who would you like to see win the Republican nomination” question:


Jeb Bush                                 13
Ben Carson                            13
Scott Walker                          11
Mike Huckabee                     10
Marco Rubio                           9
Rand Paul                                7
Chris Christie                          6
Ted Cruz                                  6
Donald Trump                        4
John Kasich                             2
Rick Perry                                2
Rick Santorum                        2
Carly Fiorina                            1
Bobby Jindal                            1
Lindsey Graham                      –
George Pataki                          –
(Other)                                       1
(None of the above)                3
(Don’t know)                          10

Trouble seems to be brewing for presumptive frontrunner Jeb Bush as his favorable/unfavorable ratings continue to disappoint.

More voters view Jeb Bush negatively than positively by seven points (37 vs. 44 percent).  Similarly, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is viewed more negatively by eight points (27 vs. 35 percent).  At the bottom of the pack is New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who has a net negative of minus 17 points (28 vs. 45 percent).

About as many voters view Paul positively as negatively (34 vs. 35 percent) and Huckabee has exactly the same number rating him favorably as unfavorably (35 vs. 35 percent).

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson (+10 points), Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (+4 points) and Rubio (+4 points) each has a net positive rating.  They each also have large numbers of people who have never heard of them.  For example, 59 percent of voters are unable to rate Carson and 41 percent can’t rate Rubio — both of whom have announced their presidential aspirations.

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