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Rubio Surges in Economist Poll


A surprising result buried in the latest Economist/You Gov national poll released recently showed Marco Rubio holding a whopping 36%-21% lead over presumptive frontrunner Jeb Bush in a head to head matchup.

Rubio also took a surprisingly strong 29%-21% lead over Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, widely thought to be the co-leader in the race so far.

Allahpundit at Hot Air dug through the numbers and found some interesting results both Rubio and Bush in the subset of Hispanic voters.

Even worse for Jeb, Rubio’s out to a conspicuous lead among Latinos both head to head against Bush and against a larger GOP field. The sample size of Latino voters here is very small at just 80 people, but these results are encouraging enough for Team Marco that a bigger poll of Latinos is in order ASAP.


When given a choice between Rubio and Bush, Latino voters prefer the former 46/14. (In a Rubio/Walker race, they split 48/17.) When Rubio is lumped in a field with Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, Carly Fiorina, and Ben Carson, he takes 29 percent of the Latino vote versus just 12 percent for Fiorina, the next highest vote-getter.


If Latinos nationally are starting to pay special attention to Rubio, Bush’s donor-class hype as the one man who can heal the rift with a group alienated by immigration policy will be up in smoke.


When asked to pick a preferred candidate for President among the laundry list of declared or potential candidates, no candidate got more than 10%. Jeb Bush and Scott Walker came closest with 9% a piece; three time less than the 27% who said “No Preference” to any of the 14 listed candidates.

The economy was considered to be the most important issue for voters with 22% citing it as their leading concern.  Terrorism 14%, Social Security 13% and Education 10% were the only other issues to hit double digits.


  • dan9el


    Question ; – Does anyone out there remember ….’The Gang of Eight’?…..let’s go back at not so far back historical moments.

    First, Mr Schumer is very pleased with Mr Rubio – this can be read in many sections at the news spectrum anywhere.

    You see, Mr Schumer is one of the bosses of Mr Barack Obama.Schummer along with JARRETT,,CLINTON,AXELRD,VAN JONES, SOROS, STERN,PODESTA…(just to mention some of them) are a group of local globalists in pursue of the obliteration for our country;….they have a very potent plan in place to sabotage and destroy our country from within.

    Mr Rubio is one of the latest sold-out republicans deep in the plan.Certainly he is very well paid with a lot of fringe benefits,… for he can pull a lot of latino votes in favour of the ongoing agenda;….but of course,.. he will never admit that.

    Bottom line;Everyone out there should realize that everything this ‘Gang of Eight’ is doing is presenting a theater to the American public,…pretending that they are serious about the problematic,..at the end they will strike with strong force to implant – whether the people like it or not – the insidious so called immigrant reform.

    Their agenda is conducted to galvanize massive votes for the liberal sector to perpetuate the ongoing assault to our country with a successor to this Obama character, now posing and acting under unconstitutional basis and total illegality his fraudulent, ill-acquired presidential platform.

    Input anyone? Opinions welcome.

    • Allen

      The so-called “Gang of Eight” were 8 senators who were trying to push amnesty through the Senate a few years ago.
      Sen. Michael Bennet, D-CO
      Sen. Richard J. Durbin, D-IL
      Sen. Jeff Flake, R-AZ
      Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC
      Sen. John McCain, R-AZ
      Sen. Bob Menendez, D-NJ
      Sen. Marco Rubio, R-FL
      Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY[4]

      They are markedly different from the Obama cabal although in personnel only not in intent.

      • bobtherebuilder

        I knew about BOOBio prior to the research I have been doing lately, which has just concreted my opinion of him, I’ve known all along that he’s nothing but an arrogant, self absorbed LIAR, and indeed very much the “elitist”!!! How the hell did we end up with the “choices” we have for “candidates”…it’s a joke, to say the least!!
        The ENTIRE “political sphere” has become SOOOO polluted…it’s in dire need of a THOROUGH “cleansing”!!!!

        • dan9el

          So let’s see what Mr Marco Rubio really is, what he does stand for and..what he offers to the american public.

          Let’s take a quick look at a thing or two;…..

          Some believe and state that the man is not a RINO

          [ President Obama thanks him for his work on the Senate immigration bill; Senator Chuck Schumer “think[s] the world of him”; but I assure you, ladies and gentlemen, Senator Marco Rubio is not a Democrat. ]

          And yet, the man is nor a real conservative….he fakes it;…

          The “conservative” senator Marco Rubio on Monday told a whopper to his Tea Party constituents, outright lying to them about the investigation into Obama’s forged birth certificate.

          Apparently, the RINO Rubio isn’t aware that Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, after hundreds of hours of forensic analysis, two major press conferences, and dozens of conferences with local groups, announced that Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate is a computer-generated fraud.

          Rubio said he was “aware of Sheriff Arpaio’s investigation” (as if it had not been completed) and “would be happy to look at the evidence” if Sheriff Arpaio presents it to the public.”

          Either Rubio is completely clueless and lives in a cave, or he outright lied. Either way, he’s not fit to be considered a “conservative,” let alone identified as aligned with the Tea Party.

          Tea Partiers Boo Marco Rubio’s Support For Gang Of Eight Immigration Bill

          Although Mr Rubio claims not to supports amnesty for illegals…he in fact does it.

          Rubio Reaffirms His Support for Amnesty for Illegals Immigrants

          So there is no difficulty to understand why Mr Rubio is so welcome and praised by liberal-democrats like Mr Schumer. and sold-out republicans like Graham.(RINO’s)

          “He’s done a good job,” Schumer said. “He really has. And he’s taken a lot of arrows, but he believes in this, and he’s doing the right thing. I think the world of him.”

          Graham praises Rubio as ‘game changer’ in immigration debate

          Well,…to put it simple;

          Hillary Clinton, a liberal(libertine)-democrat not quite patriotic, deep in corruption all the way through and beyond the eyeballs.
          Marco Rubio,…a representative of the new generation of sold-out republicans (RINO’s) that ///’cross the isle’, and make deals under-the-table meaning shaking hands with GOD and the devil simultaneously (sort of speak)

          So the two of them are virtually the same thing.

          So ,the question is ;- Can any of them are trustworthy?

          Anyone out there, now do the math.

          Input anyone? Opinions welcome.

          • bobtherebuilder

            ANYONE that has ANYTHING positive to say about this arrogant, obnoxious “little” man, is either guzzling the commie kool ade BY THE GALLON, or they have a SEVERE case of “tunnel vision”, OR they are out and out TRAITORS in need of any, and all the mocking, ridicule, or persecution they may (and should) receive!!!!
            Nuff said?…let me start….I scoff at ALL the brain dead lackies that can STILL be STUPID enough to support corrupt bureaucrats such as these! I would include names…BUT the “Bureaucrat list” is sooooo long, and you seem to be aware of most of them anyway!!

  • CQ

    Good grief! We have to put up with “surges” a full year before they are needed? Please, back off from end-of-campaign phraseology, or we are going to grow weary of the campaigning long before “surging” is needed and useful.

  • CQ

    Rubio lost my support when he recently said he was for renewing the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act was acceptable – not “good,” but “acceptable” – for about six months after 9/11, then should have been summarily canceled. I was personally ready for the PA to be canceled after its first month. Freedom in the USA was trampled by the Patriot Act, as the flying public became accustomed to the massive loss of travel freedom. Flying safety could have been accomplished by profiling, yet good Americans have willingly submitted to physical harassment for the sake of being PC. We have lost our Freedom, and lived without it for thirteen years now, and allowed the DHS to double-down with unwarranted increased harassment under Janet Napolitano in 2011.

  • RE

    I like Rubio as he is young and fresh with great ideals and he not only relates what is wrong but gives answer on how it needs to be corrected, agree with his out take or not That is more than any other candidate has shown me so far. He is learning what it takes to play the game and win over the parties to get things done. The hard line gets nothing accomplished except drive a wedge in the party and turn the young people votes away and makes the liberal party look like the party who wants to get things done. We might not agree or even like everything he does or stands for but can he beat the Dem in 2016 or would you like 4 years of Dem rule?

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