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Cartoon – Journalism For Dummies


It’s amazing! I can’t even see Hillary’s lips move. So, how do I know she’s lying? Check out this latest Branco Toon and don’t forget to share with your friends!



  • WVF

    Hitlery Rotten Benghazi Clinton supported the war in Iraq along with President George W. Bush. I am looking forward to the following question by journalists. “Madam Secretary, if you knew then what you know now, would you have supported the war in Iraq?”

    • Franie

      Get off it! Intelligence reported not only to Bush, but to Bill Clinton, that Sadam had WMD’s and even Bill said that he would go into Iraq and get them. Get your facts straight.

      • oudbob

        Pentagon reported 500 metric tons of yellow cake recovered.

      • WVF

        Look, jerk, I have my facts straight! Hitlery Rotten Benghazi Clinton voted with George W. to go into Iraq. It is almost a certainty that Sadam had WMD’s. He just moved them out of the country, probably to Syria. BTW, we have 612 days left of Moocher and the Obamanation of America!

        • Bob Stewart

          In fact Sadam admitted to the world that he had WMD’s. He bragged about it.

          • WVF

            I feel relatively certain that he did. I remember him “bragging” about it, but some people commenting on this blog think that you and I don’t know what we’re talking about!

        • Franie

          Jerk? Oh, quite contraire!

  • Roy Clingenpeel

    Just in the short 55 years I have been voting, there has been a continuing trend that this country has been deteriorating morally and politically starting circa 1900 with the legislative introduction of progressive socialism. It only took approximately 100 years for politicians to destroy the constitution with its oh-by-the-way legislation to undermine our freedom by controlling every aspect of our life and to recreate a oligarchy that was dethroned by the colonies in 1776. True leaders are needed to maintain civility by collectively admonishing the lawless to foster a moral civil society. Some say use biblical laws, as a minister and my study of the Bible and the Constitution, I discovered morality is deeply entrenched in both, the Ten Commandments Given directly to us by Yahweh and the 1st ten amendments to the Constitution inspired by God in the minds of our forefathers. I believe that both were given to mankind by the same Yahweh inspired words inspiring man individually and collectively to live a moral peaceful life that fosters individual productivity and success through ones own initiative and toils without direct control or redistribution by a centralized government.

  • SofiesVoice

    Never fails…the elitists, fascist-commie-leftist liberals have such short memories when it comes to their misdeeds and deliberate lies that suits their agenda at the time so why believe anything they say at any time.??? Just look at the POTUS!!! They are ALWAYS lying, period.

  • SofiesVoice

    The election is getting close…..we have a chance for real change in America….it is up to us. Following the wicked witch of the west Pelousy, they had to pass obamascare to find out what was in it…..so, they had to elect Obamanation to find out what he was all about (boy, have we found out)…..so why vote for Hitlery, the Benghazi Butcher…..we already know what she is —corrupt, liar, self-absorbed money grabber etc. etc. etc…..no need to wait to see what she is made of…..crap.

  • harpo49

    is this bulls*** ever going to end

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