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Cartoon: Cut and run


The question Barack Obama is never asked about Iraq.  Check out the latest Branco Toon.  And don’t forget to pass it along to all your friends!



  • Swed.

    Ovomit did this deliberately, he is a muzzie terrorist.

    • sherri palmer

      I agree with everyone on this blog, no love lost here…we are actually living this terrible fall of our country all because Congress would not do its job!

      • Swed.

        Then it is time to throw the bastards out.

        Start with the corrupt “news” media.
        Poisonous libtard college professors (just what are they professing?).
        Muzzie terrorists.
        America is infested and will die of these diseases.

      • Deepthink

        Well, I also agree with all so far, however, anyone who voted for the current long-term members of Congress have to realize they are the ones who have given our Government to those who seek to destroy the USA!! WE must not only change the President, but we must also change all the Congress members, both those who claim to be Republican and any who claim to be a Democrat, who have been in Congress for more than one term! We must TOTALLY CLEAN HOUSE and SENATE!!!

  • Dale Putnam

    Now how could he possibly support his muslam terrorist friends/buddies/believers.. it he didn’t? How could he continue to send guns thru Bengazhi.??? How could he continue to import them… on our dime? How could he continue to destroy this country? Answer to all of the above… couldn’t! So.. he continues.. some 9 MILLION illegal voters NOW! All here.. paid for by our TAX dollars.. and supported by our TAX dollars… until.. there is NO MORE DOLLAR! Then.. they will just kill the rest of us. Simple as that.. then.. continue to blame us for not being alive to support them in the style they want.

  • Pegasus

    Oblamer is pathetic….

  • Dan

    He most likely will go down in history as the most incompetent President in the history of the United States..

    • Swed.

      And most corrupt, a muzzie and traitor.

  • marla1

    How Dan , can you call him our president when most of America knows what a fraud half breed African from Kenya that was set up in the white house to take down America?, As long as he is alive he will get his group of muslims and illegals to bring down and destroy America!!!!

    • Swed.

      ovomit is the pResident not President, he never had any legal or moral authority to be in the white house with Moochelle.

  • John Edward Blake

    Is there any doubt that he is full of loathing for America?You can see it in his eyes and his words and most important how he talks so disgustingly about America to the outside crowds.The elusive left which has done more damage to this world then any other political doctrine in history including Fascism.Intellect without wisdom and common sense is a waste of time and resources.And believe you me the past lays the left out as bold faced liars.

    • sherri palmer

      I agree with your statement…that is the reason that I am so furious with Congress, they see it and know it and are awol when it comes to Obama! Disgusting!

      • Mike O’Mara

        For the last election I confirmed this info. At that time 82 members of congress were registered as socialist democrats. There was also some communists and several looking to fool somebody by claiming to be progressives (pronounced “Communists”) Add to that the fact that very nearly 100% of Obama’s appointees are communist or at best socialists and you should clearly see that the government has fallen to the enemy.

  • Well get your own guns and ammo while you can. And don’t let the dummies tell you you’re just being paranoid. America is falling and it’s going to be loud and messy to try and catch her and stand her up again. That part is up to us…

  • stendell

    Dan, he doesn’t care how he goes down in history, as long as Iran gets what they want—THE MIDDLE EAST and a nuclear bomb to get rid of Isreal!!!

  • chetohimler

    Of course he would. Silly young, weak man.

  • Bob

    Sherri Palmer,you are right,our congress and senate have done nothing to Impeach and rid us of this POS
    FRAUD,for the reason that he is the first black occupier of the White House and they(congress)fear him
    because they have no balls to stop him and his destruction of our once great country,they are as guilty
    as Barry Sotoro.

  • William R. Wolf

    I blame the liberal free loader voters for all that is happening to our once great Country. They voted this fraud into the White House twice, and didn’t care about his background, or his socialistic plans for America. Yes, our Congress doesn’t have the guts to impeach Oscuma, they just threaten to do it, and talk the walk, not take any action. Oscuma should have been taken out of Office 5 years ago, when he began using that magic pen of his.

  • Doc

    Conservatives Blame Obama For Iraq When It Was Bush Who Signed The Agreement to Leave

    • It was Obuggerer who cut and ran. It was Obuggerer who financed, armed and trained ISIS. It was you and your ilk who put him in the White House.

  • Mike O’Mara

    When will you people wake up to the clear fact that Obama is not now and never has been on our side. He is an Islamic Marxist and as such there is nothing he wants more than the destruction of America and all Americans. If you would just see him for what he is you will have no trouble understanding what he is doing.

  • Robert


  • daledor

    He would do the same thing. He never saw a socialist or terrorist that he did not like.

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