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Paid Ferguson Protestors Protest Not Getting Paid


Biting the hand that feeds them, the “spontaneous grassroots protesters” who organized and led the Ferguson riots turned their ire on their paymasters by protesting outside the offices the George Soros-funded MORE, Missourian Organized for Reform and Empowerment.

Protesters have even coined a twitter hashtag #cutthecheck to make their monetary point very clear.

Now, lists of protesters and the exact amounts they were paid to stir up  riots in the streets have been released.



A quick look at the list of paid protesters shows quite a few veteran left wing extremist organizers.

this is far from a ‘grass roots spontaneous’ protest.

You can see money paid out to Lisa Fithian, $1,127.75 for ‘visit expenses’.

For those who do not know, Lisa Fithian is an infamous leftist organizer. She organized at Occupy, but has been used as a training organizer for many years before that. She spent time in Ferguson in 2014 training people to ‘simulate chaos’.

George Soros is paying to create “chaos” in Middle America?




  • harpo49

    isn’t that a shame they should be in jail and mike mike is where he belongs
    gee thanks again Obama penis holder al (not so sharp )Sharpton what a bunch of racists idiots no wonder the black race is in trouble with a holes like this leading them

    • steven

      And white a$$holes like sore hole Soros funding them.
      The money went down a black hole lol.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    looks like soros will get a bailout from barry, as for not so sharp sharpton , he holds the penis while oboma s**ks it

  • Dan

    $20,000 was set aside to fund the initiative? Maybe the protesters should have signed a contract. I wonder how many “loyas” are out there who will represent these poor protesters that didn’t get paid?


    There can be no doubt that an entire year and a half of riots and unrest have already been bought and paid for in order to provide a pretext for the 2016 election to be annulled or stolen. This will be our last chance to pull Obammunism out by the roots, so it is vital that we remain dedicated to stopping the blood-stained bribe-stuffed hag who poses the greatest existential threat that our republic has ever faced. Regular Americans must be prepared to go into the streets to confront Marxist insurrection if necessary.

  • Bob

    Where is our new Justice Department leader Loretta Lynch on this issue,and will she take any action?
    Doubt it,these are her people.

    • harpo49

      never mind they were all black so in this admin. it’s ok

  • Dr. Bill

    MORE should be prosecuted under the RICO statutes. They clearly were funding criminal activities and therefore guilty of RICO violations. Think that will happed? If you do, I have a nice bridge I could sell you.

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