Barack Obama, The White House

Cartoon: Looney Tune Strategy


Looks like the JV team has a bit more fight than President Obama thought.  Check out the latest Branco Toon. Please share with your friends!




  • Veteranasm

    barry the clown doesn’t have a clue !!

    • tk-atty

      No, he does. Everything he has done is what he wanted. He wants people to think he is inept but he isn’t. He is an Islamic extremist and supports what ISIS is doing, he could have taken them out on the road from the air when they first started their march across the middle east, but didn’t. He agrees with them. He said that “if the winds ever changed he would stand with the muslims” and then he changed the winds and IS STANDING WITH THEM! He hates Christians and Jews and our great Country. He is the most wicked and evil man I have ever seen. He has caused all the chaos in the world and here at home, he won’t close our borders because he wants anyone to be able to walk in, and they are here. I hope and pray that God will let us make it to another election, and that we will elect a true conservative, not a rino or establishment republican who are no different than the democrats. He is our Traitor in chief and should be tried for treason and/or impeached. Any other President would have done been gone. He makes Nixon look like a choir boy. The only person I know who loves chaos like Obama is Satan himself, maybe they are related.

      • David Speer

        Well said. I have contended for some time he is smart and knows exactly what he is doing. This is Jihad in the White House. The People are in denial as He attempts to take away our Arms, Strip the States of their Power, Disarm Law Enforcement, Preformed Martial Law exercises in multiple States, appoints Muslims to Executive Federal Positions, Imports his Army through our open Boarders, creates aggravates Racial Tension through his comments. The list is a mile long. He should be arrested. I do not know what he has on Congress but there is obviously Leverage

        being applied to the Peoples Representatives.

        • tk-atty

          David, I agree with you totally. I can’t understand it myself. How he could win a second term is beyond me, I wouldn’t put past them cheating to win. I have never in my lifetime seen race relations or our Nation in such dire straights. Obama pits blacks against whites, and now the police, women against men, and poor against rich. He ignores our laws and Congress has done nothing to stop him. I honestly think the true conservatives that were elected in the mid-terms wanted to stop him, but the establishment republicans, or rinos are no different than the democrats and do not do what the people elected them to do. They have their own agenda, and it is not in the best interest of America. I do think that Obama wants to implement martial law, I don’t think he wants to leave office, he wants to be a dictator, and operate under Sharia law. I would put nothing past this man, he starts things and causes false flags with the intention of doing just that. This whole thing with Jade Helm, what are Turkish officers and UN military personnel doing on our soil? Why are our borders the only ones in the world wide open? Why did he remove all our top military men, and replace them with his yes men? He has become an enemy to Israel our greatest ally, and friend. He wants Iran to have a bomb so bad, he has basically bent over backwards, even offering them $50 billion dollars for an agreement. It is insane. Americans have always thought that if we faced an enemy it would be from outside of the United States, but we face OUR greatest enemy from within. However, we must never despair, God is in control, and “if his people will humble themselves and pray and seek his face and turn from their wicked ways, then he will hear from Heaven and heal our land.” 2nd Chronicles 7:14

          • jolene

            Very well said. We Have Satan in the highest office in the land. Thanks to those pea brains that voted for him the first time and then again a second time along with the double dealing fraud that was also used the first time. His lover Soros is funding his evil work under his direction. This is the Bible being fulfilled each day. The only thing I can say is get your life straight with God….Because He will not put up with this forever…

          • tk-atty

            I know. I have been telling everyone I know that they need to know Jesus and make sure they are living right. We are living in the last days. Some people I talk to, seem to be so out of touch with what is happening. I can’t understand it, but I know who controls our future, and I completely trust him.

    • Veteranasm

      I agree , but barry is a puppet , who ever is pulling the strings wants to destroy America , when barry is off the teleprompter he makes bush look like an orator . May God help us get rid of this regime !!

  • Swed.

    Ovomit is a islamist terrorist, not the President but pResident in the white house.
    He should be tried for his crimes along with holder jarett and jea johnson then after the verdict is in, hanged for treason, collusion, fraud, perjury, theft, accessory to murder, theft of government property, trespass.

    • Robert


  • Dale Putnam

    And who is your best choice to replace him? Donny Obatrump? or Hillbilly wanna scr-ya or kill-ya Clint?
    Find a true conservative… one that knows how to stretch a dollar, squeeze a penny… one that will stop, bend
    over, and pick a penny up, one that isn’t immersed in all the political sludge, so full of the koolaide that truth is blocked from all detection. Just one.

    • David Speer

      Defeatist attitude.

      • Dale Putnam

        Maybe…. Maybe not.. but I really don’t think Mr Defeatist Attitude that you refer to, has announced his candidacy, has he? Have you vetted him yet? What is his stance on border security, following the law, transparency, protecting the Constitution, or for that matter, the good of this Country?

    • Tony De Angelis

      Romney could have beaten BO but his campaign was as phony as his bout with Holyfield. I still say he can beat Hillary. If he refuses to run there are plenty of other viable candidates and at this time Cruz seems the strongest.

  • jerry1944

    Dont worry the gop want run a conservative so they can help killer Hillary win you see how the gop puts as it s leaders The D mitch and the bonehead who lies pertty good himself and he punished the conservative that didnt vote for him SOO get ready for killer Hillary

    • Tony De Angelis

      Do you have anything to say that is not of a juvenile nature and in broken English?

      • jerry1944

        Did you understand what it was are what you mean Then maybe you are one of those that put the libs in charge

  • MolokaiAdvertiserNews

    WAKE UP Americans! Obama is NOT the POTUS, Not even eligible, Not American! So PLEASE stop referring to Barack H. Obama II aka Barry Soetoro as “The President”.

    Americans have no lawful contract of any kind with the illegal alien criminal Barack H. Obama II aka Barry Soetoro who is not even eligible for POTUS, because FRAUD vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, elections, and even judgments.

    The elections of Obama in ’08 and ’12 are based on Obama I.D. Fraud, and a conspiracy with Rep. Nancy Pelosi and DNC et al, therefore We The People have no valid contract with Barack H. Obama II aka Barry Soetoro to allow him to occupy the Office of President of the united States of America, or to take vacations with immunity from criminal arrest in Hawaii, becauseFRAUD vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents and even judgments. United States v. Throckmorton [1878] 98 JU.S. 61, 70. The illegal alien Barack H. Obama II aka Barry Soetoro is criminally impersonating a Citizen of USA by fraud I.D., and he is usurping the Office of POTUS. He must be ARRESTED as a criminal, as an illegal alien, Usurper, I.D. fraud, Election Fraud, etc., by Hawaii law enforcement and/or where ever by FBI, CIA, HS, CG , ICE; not impeached as IF he was POTUS.

    Furthermore, Obama by his TREASONOUS actions is prohibited from Office by 14th Amendment:

    Amendment Article 14, Section 3.

    No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution [for] the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof….”.

    ARREST Barack H. Obama II aka Barry Soetoro illegal alien Enemy of USA, Jihadist, Criminal!

    Call Congress: Congress today at (202) 225-3121. Tell them to Defund Obama’s Amnesty NOW. And, terminate immediately all federal welfare programs, including Amnesty, ObamaPhones and Obamacare and ObamaDeathTax, Food Stamps, etc., for everybody; arrest and deport all illegal aliens starting with illegal alien usurper of Office named Barack H. Obama II aka Barry Soetoro, NOW!

    Thank you Senator Ben Sasse for your efforts to stop ObamaAmnesty, Obamacare, ObamaWar, ObamaEcomony, ObamaIRS, ObamaHomelandSecurityMartial Law, and the criminal usurpation of the Office of POTUS by the illegal alien Barack H. Obama II aka Barry Soetoro who is using fraudulent I.D. to impersonate a Citizen of USA while committing TREASON. DEFUND everything Obama, and arrest the number one criminal and Islamic threat to all Americans who is named Barack H. Obama II aka Barry Soetoro!

    The Father of the Constitution, James Madison, said, “If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” The so called war on terror with Obama the Enemy Jihadist Infiltrator usurping the Office of POTUS will be our undoing if we do not ARREST, INDICT, and Convict him of multiple crimes from Usurpation by I.D. and Election Fraud, Immigration felonies, to Murder and Treason. Obama is NOT the POTUS, just a criminal Usurper!

    Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson top the list for me at this time. However, all of them do not seem to understand yet that the Jewish State of Israel is a racist terrorist State and a parasite sucking the blood of Americans to fight the Jews’ wars for them, even after the Jews tried to sink the un-armed and clearly identified USS Liberty in 1967 and slaughter the US Sailors and blame it on Egypt to goad the USA into fighting the Jews’s war against Egypt, and Jewish Lobby supporter US Pres. Johnson refused aid to save the crew. All evidence points to Israel Jews were also deeply involved in the Sept 11, 2001 so called terror attack on Twin Towers, Bldg 7, and Pentagon, along with US CIA and Bush White House and Zionist-Jew Kissinger et al. I wish Cruz would stay in the Senate where he is doing a great job for USA against Obama, but Cruz is NOT a natural born Citizen of USA, therefore, like the illegal alien Usurper Obama, Cruz is NOT eligible for POTUS. I like Rand Paul and Ben Carson for POTUS and VP, IF, IF they admit the facts and stop all US support for the Jewish Terrorist State of Israel and their US financed arsenal of Nuclear Weapons that they refuse to allow to be inspected. And, Paul, Cruz and Carson must come out against the United Nations: USA out of the UN; and, U.N out of USA!

    • jerry1944

      Well the GOP sure didnt try to win when they run ppl like mc cain, and the father of healthcare romney . And they have said they dont need conservatives are Tea Party ppl That doesnt leave many to vote for whom ever they run

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