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Sneaking Big Government Past You: HUGE Obama Regulation Dump Before Memorial Day


If you want to bury bad news, release it just before a big holiday.  It’s an Obama Administration tradition and they have struck again this Memorial Day.

The bureaucrats have unveiled their regulatory agenda for 2015 and it’s a new record —  136 economically significant rules in the pipeline.

This is the 6th time the Obama Administration had whipped out their roll of red tape just as Americans were preparing for a holiday weekend.

Required by law to release plans for new regulations twice a year, the administration has consistently chosen to do so immediately before major holidays.

Fall 2012         Dec. 21 (Friday before Christmas)

Spring 2013     July 3 (day before Independence Day)

Fall 2013         Nov. 27 (day before Thanksgiving)

Spring 2014     May 23 (Friday of Memorial Day weekend)

Fall 2014         Dec. 22 (three days before Christmas)

Spring 2015    May 21 (Thursday before Memorial Day weekend)

Of course, this massive new hidden tax on nearly every facet of life in America goes virtually unreported and unread.  Just they way the bureaucrats like it.

These include an Environmental Protection Agency rule tightening already-tight carbon emission regulations for power plants, Food and Drug Administration regulations for all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and cigars, and new Consumer Product Safety Commission safety standards for off-road vehicles.

So enjoy your weekend of 4 wheeling America, Obama’s bureaucrats are going to make sure next Memorial Day you won’t have the chance.

  • yaki534

    The EPA has been a sneaky bunch of sneaky liars since their inception. It is high time to abolish the bureau.

    • Mike N

      Amen to that. It is just another form of government control.

      • yaki534

        Right Mike, It is about control. The bureau couldn’t care less about people or the creatures they lie about.

  • Joan

    I can’t wait to see what really happens with Jade Helm.. why do I not trust Obama?

  • Jean Staggs

    Hillary Clinton has a problem with telling the truth. Remember when in the White House With her spouse and she said she had had to dodge the bullets in Bosnia. What has happened to Brian Williams for embellishing the truth. I do not think we want another President that really has a PHD in embellishing. Our children deserve better.. If we do not want to preserve our country, who will? What do you think???????

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