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Cartoon: Clinton propped


Who’s waiving the Hillary flag more than anyone?  Alphabet networks and their roster of former Clinton staffers.  Check out this Branco Toon and pass along to your friends.




  • douber1

    so true
    no mistake about it

  • Joseph Le Bard

    I stopped watching these news cast in 2008 when Fox news was warning us of obamas history , When I hear something totally devastating an disturbing it prey’s on my mind so I research an find the truth an the name’s that pop-up most of the time is George Sorros an the world bank they have bought an sold political power for decade’s to achieve one agenda an that is one world goverment one world religion one world currency this is the main goal of obama an the demoncrats to see that the United Nations Agenda 21 is put in place . Our true assets are hidden being the world bank which is 5 time’s less then we have there the cause of poverty an George Sorros is the cause of anarchy learn an you won’t get burned .

  • Gaylene

    Hillary is a scary, corrupt and powerful woman – I just hope there are enough brains left with our voting public NOT to bring this disaster down on our heads after two terms of the worst president in the history of our nation.

    • JACK3889

      She’s a satanic cult witch with many dead bones under her feet.

  • Susie B

    Word to media@limitgov.org: one does not “waive” a flag but I wave my Old Glory for the spirit of the cartoon!

  • Dave Edwards

    Gaylene it right. But there will be some loonies vote for her even though what she has done and is hiding just like the loonies that voted for oboma and seen he had lied to us and the loonies put him back in the WH again. The old saying “you reap what you sew”. But the bad thing about it is that all of us is paying for the loonies stupidity.. You can’t fix stupid. Killary has blood on her hands along with Oboma and Holder and they have no remorse for it. Killary said they were broke when they left the WH. They didn’t have the money for all their homes mortgages. Give me a break. As Dave Ramsey would say sell the houses if you can’t pay for them. God Help US that she does not get in the WH because if she is hiding emails etc now what will she do if she got into the WH. I say if she doesn’t have anything to hide turn the emails over but she refuses and therefore she paints herself guilty just like Learner, Holder, Sharpton, and don’t forget Oboma. I pray to God that this great country makes it to Jan of 17

  • Mwalltexan

    Voting for Hillary would be like voting for Kim Jong Un of North Korea.
    Her mind and value systems are just as goofy and corrupt plus……..

    She not only dresses like him, she’s built like him (short, thickset, soft
    and pudgy) and I swear, she’s beginning to look like him in her soft and
    pudgy face.

    Kim Jong Un Can’t Take a Joke – Neither can

    Look into her eyes, IF… she ever gets even a percentage of
    his power,
    A lot of people will probably die. Don’t forget the bodies she’s
    left in her wake already…

  • alpambuena

    its just not Hillary..its the entire Clinton crime syndicate..that we will be forced to deal with. its like the daughter was hired by nbc at 6 hundred thou with no experience and she is now doing a childrens book about climate change..like she has all that experience too. any other secretary of state, especially a republican, would have been hung up by their thumbs for her failures on Benghazi…and by her toes for her secret server and emails. the state department is making a major deal about releasing these emails…well remember these are the emails that Hillary is allowing everybody to see, and the state department are using a delaying tactic to help delay the release..and ole bill has a separate LLC account to bury his earnings and avoid taxes…but yet Romney was vilified for doing the same thing….there is so much protection by the left for Hillary that it is beyond just being criminal….and basically honesty and ethics are thrown out the window for the Clinton’s……..makes putin look like an alter boy.

  • Dan

    Great depiction of the whole thing….Of course the kool aid drinkers only see these as attacks on poor ole Hillary who has done nothing wrong and who is always looking out for the middle class…..and society’s downtrodden….

  • jerry

    I like the direction of the arrow.

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