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Feds Block Attempts to Stop Food Stamp Recipients from Buying Lobster


Several states are trying to set limits on what food stamps can purchase but these attempts are running into a stonewall at President Obama’s Agriculture Department.

In Missouri, legislation was considered “to restrict benefits from being used for energy drinks, seafood, steak and other items.” In Wisconsin:

“In the original bill, the list of prohibited foods would include crab, lobster, shrimp and other shellfish,” Chakraborty explained. “However, the version that eventually passed the Assembly dialed that back. It would require at least two-thirds of all purchases made with Wisconsin’s FoodShare benefits be for beef, pork, chicken, fish, white potatoes and fresh produce. The other third can be a grab-bag.”

Even if these measures passed the legislature and were signed by the governor, they would still require a federal waiver to go into effect.

“And the U.S. Department of Agriculture has denied multiple prior bids — including in 2011, 2012 and 2013 by Illinois to ban sugar-drinks; and in 2010 by New York City over a similar measure.”

So the next time you see someone paying for live lobster or crab meat with food stamps while you clip coupons, your federal government has made that moment possible.

  • michael t

    Truly, the inmates running the asylum. !!

  • Charles Trawick

    I can’t begin to tell you how many items obtained with food stamps are returned for cash or store credit, afterwhich prohibited items are purchased, such as alcohol, etc..

    • Loretta B DeLoggio

      That’s the fault of the store or the government. I don’t think there is a mechanism for getting the money back in food stamps.

      • Charles Trawick

        Exactly my point. We need those type mechanisms in place, not blocks to wholesome foods. Welfare is a gift, not an entitlement. We shouldn’t be paying for cigarettes or alcohol and creating work reshelving all the returned items (which also raises prices for us all).

        • Loretta B DeLoggio

          What world do you live in? the closest you can get to buying alcohol on food stamps is vanilla flavoring for baking. And I challenge you to go the local cheap grocery store and stand there from morning until night. I’d be shocked if there were a dozen returns an hour for which cash is given. Do you have any data on this, or is this another election boogie man?

          • Charles Trawick

            I live in the real world. Go to Walmart. But, wear insulated shoes, because you’re going to be shocked out of your shoes.
            Oh, and I’m no boogie man. Are you?

  • themenz

    I think we should require teachers to ask their pupils who receive school lunches if they know what crab, lobster, steak or shrimp taste like. If the kids know, any government aid should be cut off until they forget.

    • Loretta B DeLoggio

      I work getting disadvantaged college students into law school, and I urge them to try lobster, steak or shrimp. It’s well-known that the final cut on a job interview is over dinner, and I can promise you that Big Law won’t hire the guy who orders mac ‘n cheese, no matter how good his grades are. He should also be willing to eat foods from Asia, the Middle East, and Russia. You can’t move up in the world, no matter how hard you’ve worked, if you don’t fit in socially.

      Do I think these should be commonplace dinners? Of course not. But a knowledge of fine cuisine is essential in the professional world. If you want the next generation to be self-supporting, consider that foods are part of what will get them there.

      Also, Columbia River salmon, smoked whitefish, gruyere and Jarlsberg cheeses, all cost more than shrimp at the SuperStores.

      • themenz

        Loretta, very interesting. Good points.

        You should know that my comment was totally tongue in cheek. The concept that poor people are scamming the system by eating lobster is so far off the mark as to be laughable. But it is hard to laugh when people actually think this way. Legislators proposing laws on how people can use their food stamps is a waste of time. There are already prohibitions on certain purchases.

        • Allen

          Ha ha ha. What a hilarious joke. Imagine the nerve of those tax slaves who have to actually pay for their food with money they earn telling people who pay for food with money they didn’t what to eat. Who do those jokers think they are?

          And because of food stamps, the prices for everything those idiotic tax slaves pay for food is higher than it otherwise would be well that’s just too damn bad for them. They should have gotten a job with the federal government or be tenured professors of wymyns studies so they can afford lobster.

          Yes, if you want to know what Columbia River salmon tastes like then earn the money to pay for it.

          • themenz

            How about modifying the Child Labor laws so kids on welfare can earn their benefits? During the 19th and early 20th centuries, children were found working 16-18 hours a day in textile mills where their tiny hands and size were a huge advantage. They contributed to the family with their sweat, not by reading textbooks.

            If we did that, I would bet that these kids and their parents would think twice about dropping that filet into their shopping cart.

          • Loretta B DeLoggio

            How about modifying the law so that their parents earn enough to feed them something healthy? It really is cheaper then the hospital bills later.

          • Allen

            I would try to explain the concept of freedom to you but I fear it would be like trying to explain music to the deaf. How exactly can you have a law that says parents earn enough to feed kids something healthy? The plain fact is you can’t. Nor should you. Who pays for this food? Me. And how? By you and your ilk stealing it from me and giving it to someone else whom you in your infinite wisdom have decided is more deserving.

          • Loretta B DeLoggio

            Oh, no. It’s much harder than explaining music to the deaf; that can be done. It’s like explaining poverty to the wealthy.

          • Allen

            Again you are so wrong it’s mind boggling. Because of your ideological blinkers you don’t know that far more “wealthy” people know first hand about poverty than the deaf do about music. That’s because a whole lot of “wealthy” (I use the quotes because you libs always change the definition to suit your political purposes) used to be poor. Thanks to capitalism, they moved up in life creating wealth and escaping poverty because being poor sucks. Imagine that, given freedom people who work can escape poverty!

            Now, if you want to go the other way, just try your brand of socialism which is the fastest way to turn the wealthy into the poor.

          • Allen

            How about modifying the law that says I’m obligated to pay for someone else’s kids? Or better yet, you feed them. Instead, you’d rather stick a gun in my face and make me sacrifice for people I don’t know. All so you can feel better about yourself. Wash your conscious with your own dime.

          • Loretta B DeLoggio

            Those jokers think they’re smart, when in fact they’re fools. Feed those poor welfare cheats mac ‘n cheese, mashed potatoes, and Kool-Aid. Then pay the $15k a year medical bill when they get diabetes, the $100k for the coronary bypass, or the 90 days in county jail when they steal a hunk of meat.

          • Allen

            So basically what you are saying is those welfare cheats are too stupid to eat right but god damn it i’ll defend their right to eat what ever they want to the death? Or are you saying that the poor souls who have to feed themselves, their families AND the welfare cheats are just going to have to work harder to make sure every welfare cheat can eat lobster?

          • Loretta B DeLoggio

            I’m not talking about “Welfare cheats.” I don’t even know what that phrase entails. I know enough about the system to know that $200 or less a month fills your belly with starch, not with healthy food. However you got the money to buy food, if you don’t put a bit more into the food budget, you’ll have poor health and high medical bills.

          • Allen

            I don’t get your problem with these restrictions. Is it absolutely necessary for food stamp recipients to eat lobster? Is that your point? Or would you rather tell them exactly what they can and can’t eat . . . oh wait you oppose that position when it comes to lobster. So it comes down to who is telling them what to eat and you consider yourself more qualified.

          • Loretta B DeLoggio

            No the stupid jokers are the people like you who think that feeding people crap costs less than feeding them healthy food. Poor health is way more expensive than good food.

          • themenz

            Allen, welfare cheats chap my fanny too. And I love it when 20/20 or the feds/police expose those frauds.

            But according to current law, buying lobster with food stamps is not illegal in most states. And if that bothers you and if you really want MORE laws on the books, have at it. I doubt the poor would give a rat’s behind if you take steak, lobster, crab or even shrimp off their table.

            I would like to suggest that the money that food stamp recipients might be “wasting” on luxury items pales in comparison to the cost to the taxpayer for the bank bail outs, the fixing of interest rates by those same banks, the wars in the middle east, the cost of drugs to medicare, doctors over billing, ad nauseum.

            In my not so humble opinion, you are chasing pennies while hundred dollar bills are flying out of your back pocket. This is just not a big issue. But it seems some people like to condemn the poor to live in misery. Not very charitable in my book.

        • Loretta B DeLoggio

          One never knows who’s serious and who isn’t when you’re new on a board. Thanks for commenting.

        • harry

          something prohibited is not the same as buying it.i live in nw fla. and there is a very large seafood market where anyone can buy anything with or without stamps/ebt cards are welcomed.

  • 2cessie2

    No, not healthy food! Give’em modified starchy fat building boxed foods and maybe they’ll die off sooner. Next it will be fresh produce as It is too high class!! Forgive my sour modified apple attitude.

    • William Keeney

      Since when can a dead beat welfare recipient get to buy lobster, when 90% of the working stiffs, THAT DO WORK, and ARE TAXED, so these lazy welfare slobs can eat LOBSTER???? your crazy !! Have a county welfare food distribution center, and that is to ONLY place the food stamps would be able to be redeemed. Hve your “healthy foods ONLY, not the high cost items, they would not be allowed !!!

    • Jarhead

      Eliminating the Welfare Stamps & Cards would reduce there conversion to cash to buy drugs, booze, gambling, vacations, and the ever popular tats… that is mean! And might well reduce our trade with Mexico (i.e., Mexican Mafia)?

  • MolokaiAdvertiserNews

    The Constitution does NOT provide for federal welfare programs like food stamps, housing, or free anything ! All federal welfare programs must be defunded immediately, and that applies to welfare for corporations as well as for people who have made welfare a lifestyle and taught their children that they are entitled to welfare in USA.

  • WiSe GuY

    Take away all food stamps.
    Give them surplus food.

    • Jarhead

      And drug tests.

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