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Pataki to Announce Presidential Bid


Former three-term New York Governor George Pataki is set to announce a long-shot bid for the Republican Presidential nomination this week in Exeter, NH.

Pataki’s name barely registers in many of the national polls.  However, since he is well-known in the Granite State:

Pataki is putting most of his chips on a strong showing in New Hampshire — a state he’s visited more than any other presidential contender.


The first-in-the-nation primary is a key test for the conservative Republican field and is open to the large contingent of independent voters who could favor a moderate like Pataki, who is pro-choice and has a record of tightening gun laws and environmental protections.


“I’m a Republican following in the tradition of Teddy Roosevelt who understands that conservatism isn’t just economic policy but it’s also preserving and enhancing the outdoors,” Pataki said, arguing that decisions like marriage, gun rights and education should be left up to the states.

As the field widens, it becomes more and more difficult for these lower-tier candidates to gain traction.

“Right now, Governor Pataki is on everyone’s list of also-rans. That’s remarkable to say about a three-term governor of New York who was a prominent part of 9/11, but it’s true,” said Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia.

  • don76550

    Pataki mentions gun rights. How interesting. As a liberal governor in an extremist liberal state he done everything possible to destroy gun rights. He is liberal on issue after issue and is, in fact a democrat in his actions.

  • jerry1944

    GEEE he sounds even worst than romney are Jeb nether of which i would vote for I ll stick with Ted myself

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