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Cartoon: Wage war


Does it matter how many jobs are lost and businesses shuttered because of the minimum wage?  Check out the Branco Toon and don’t forget to share with friends.


  • rog363

    At one time unions were very beneficial to the labor force but now there are now many other organizations that can look out for the rights of the workers. A union tried to hold me back from getting a well deserved promotion by fighting the company. The company finally won and I received the promotion on my ability to do the job over seniority. I never felt the need to pay union dues so someone could do the talking for me, I always let my work ethics and my abilities show the people I worked for, that I was well worth them fighting for. Far to many people feel that the world owes them a living and I have always told them, yes it does but you have to work damned hard to collect it…..

    • donald540

      The ONLY thing I could ADD is that the UNIONS are trying to FIGHT to get their worker dues coming back into their pockets because they are LOOSING their grip on the workers of America and that looses their GRIP on the government POWER they crave.

      • TheKing

        Check out the salary of those leaders of the unions; mind boggling. AND they have been forcing dues from citizens in order for workers to get and keep jobs. Now, many states have incorporated the RIGHT TO WORK law in their states which makes it so that Unions cannot mandate an individual pay dues in order to get and keep a job. Over the years, Union leaders used their money and influence (Power) to force government decisions and steal elections. It is now time for every Red Blooded American to force their states to adopt the Right to work law so that the Unions will no longer have the influence and big bucks to influence laws and buy elections. Please push your state lawmakers to adopt the RIGHT TO WORK LAW.

      • Rustytruck

        Not only that but those union thugs who have gotten away with things all the way up to murder and the courts have allowed it in the name of union support. It’s disgraceful what they’ve done to other people just trying to feed their families too. Attacking guys because of a job or crossing a line not knowing about it. I will NEVER support another union as long as I live. Some of those union enforcers are doing things that would land the average guy in prison for life and getting away with it. They’re as bad as the radical muslims, I’m sure you all have seen the videos of these guys actually breaking some poor guy’s neck or ribs, some of them died from the beating they took. They served a purpose way back about a 100 years ago but not anymore, especially with that kind of behavior, disbanding them is the least that should be done to unions.

  • Franie

    Whatever happened to an EDUCATION determining one’s pay scale?

    You don’t get a good education, YOU DON’T get paid a ransom’s pay for hourly work. And believe me, $15 hr. is a ransom’s pay! You don’t have a good education, you don’t even deserve 1/2 of that!

    • Rustytruck

      Bull! I had guys working for me that could work circles around the educated ones. The attitude of having an education doesn’t mean they can work and do a great job of it too. Sorry to disagree with you but I speak from experience and can tell you that not all can afford to buy a good education but might still have the spirit and fortitude to do a good job and work hard at making an honest living for their family. Most of the so-called educated ones are usually trying to come up with an educated way of getting out of working or trying to con somebody else to do it for them and want more money in the meantime.

      • Franie

        Hey rusty – you got that ALL BACKWARDS buddy. You don’t get a good education, you deserve to start out at the bottom of the pay scale. The American work ethic DEMANDS that you start at the bottom and climb the corporate ladder on merit, hard work, and loyalty to your employer.

        The losers in our society are demanding a wage pay scale that even college grads aren’t earning, buddy.

        ANYBODY working for any fast food joint or big box store, should count their blessings that they even have a job if they’re not skilled. Those jobs, and the wages they pay, directly correspond to the prices we pay for the food we eat and products we buy.

        What?? You really think those losers are worth $15 hr?? NOT!!! They’re not skilled, they’re not loyal, and they, for the most part, don’t have the required work ethic that demands the pay they now are earning.

        Buddy, got news for you! Those losers are just BEGGING for the fast food industry to go all robotic/automatic. It would be a hell of a lot cheaper to automate that industry for starters, and the price of food will be cheaper for us peons to afford.

        • Rustytruck

          You weren’t talking about fast food workers, you were insulting people who couldn’t afford to go to college, calling them losers etc. I took offense to it because I know many, many guys who were in the same boat of being born into poverty who would do a job 10 times better and faster than one of your college-educated boys would do. IF you were refferring to the minimum wage deal, that’s one thing but that’s not what you said. We all started out at the bottom of the wage scale and had to work up but the ones who advanced with better results didn’t have that college ed, because they were trying to prove they could do it. On top of that, most of the young guys I talk with nowadays are feeling like they wasted money buying an education because they can’t find work in their chosen field. It doesn’t sound like you’ve been in the work force too long yourself, if you can’t see the difference. Every man I know will tell you what you learned in those books are just a start, now that you’re on the job the REAL learning will start. You learn more from hands on than ANY book can show you. This is a fact and if you don’t know that then I am wasting my time here, I worked 45 years on the job and all the certs. I got from schooling did was get me in the door. Even tho I am retired now, I get calls all the time wanting me to come work instead of having their new young guys do the job. If this doesn’t prove my point then nothing will.

          • Franie

            First off, i never mentioned a “college” education, buddy, so how can you construe that I was “insulting” anyone? Many fast food people are high school dropouts. These are the people demanding $15 hr. Secondly, what the hell do you think this article is all about? You need to learn how to read and comprend what you’ve read, providing you read this article. These are the people who don’t want to start out at the bottom of the pay scale and climb the corporate ladder, no, they don’t have a “good education” (read high school) to know that they need to have something, brains or skills, that they can offer an employer. These are the same people who think that the employer ‘owes’ them a living instead of them looking to make a living on their own.

            Yeah, I’m semi-retired myself and have been in the workforce for better than 40 years, so you quit insulting me!! I’ve been there and done that!! so don’t sit there and tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about. READ THE DAMN ARTICLE before spouting your indignations! Geez!!!!

          • Rustytruck

            Funny how this works, now you are saying the same thing as I was. You didn’t start out that way, you just said “people without an education are losers.” Go back and read what you said. And I’m tired of this line of defense so,,,,, you win, I quit. Goodbye!!!

  • Ibcamn

    that’s about it,they are(and still)run like the mob!

  • Christine Cuneo

    The unions that are fighting for the $15 min. wage are seeking exemption from the law they are trying to create.

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