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Facial Recognition Software: Tracking Illegal Immigrants, or U.S. Citizens?


Department of Homeland SecurityIn the upcoming months, the Department of Homeland Security will be increasing its use of facial recognition software, including iris scans, in an attempt to catch illegal immigrants before they reach the states. The new technology compares passport pictures to pictures taken in person, looking for facial cues that determine how likely the two are a real match.

Privacy rights advocates are concerned that this technology will eventually be used to track U.S. citizens.

Although the Department of Homeland Security promises these images are shared in a private database and will be deleted after the three-month pilot project, it’s hard to be certain. The NSA may end its surveillance on Sunday, but the organization plans to keep the information it has gathered. Officials say that the NSA will not wipe the data off its servers, but will lock all doors into the system, barring those without a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court order to use the information.

It’s easy to imagine the Department of Homeland Security finding a similar loophole after the allotted three months, allowing them to keep their pictures and facial recognition software for as long as they see fit.

  • donald540

    I am NOT cool with this system but I would be FINE IF there was VERY STRICT controls so that NOT just ANYBODY could access, as in being able to CHANGE them, to those files.
    THE IRS files SEEMS to be just accessible by just about anybody that want to see them and I do NOT want these files to be THAT open and accessible.

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