Cartoon: Two-faced


An elephant that speaks from both sides of its mouth on Obamacare?  Check out the latest Branco Toon and be sure to forward to all your friends.


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    • J Slack

      Had to use your comment to refer. The DOJ is nothing but an ass kissing black woman that Obama appointed because she told him that she would do what ever he wanted. Se he told Congress in a very very few words she would not do anything to go against the Second Amendment. Right now her and Obama is planning to bypass Congress to input 12 NEW GUN LAWS that are going to hurt a lot of people. Can you believe that these couple ao laws I heard about If you have spanked your child, If you have yelled at your wife. Even just if the Police have been called to your house for anything they will take your guns away. That is the ones I know of. This is time to protect ourselves and get our freedom back. Our Constitution gives us the right to protect ourselves from this. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PLEASE HELP US CHRISTIANS PUT AMARICA BACK ON TRACK THE WAY SHE SHOULD BE!!!!!!!!!!

      • Dale Putnam

        oh.. had me.. right up until … how is it.. this country’s name is spelled???

        • Kenneth Fichtl

          It is Obamanation The New Americas , Nancy Pelosi already did it . She went to the border wanted to take them all home, Now the kids are living in Cardboard boxes tending the Napa Vineyard.She doesn’t even pay minimum wage it is picked up by the taxpayer That 6500 a month buy mucho tortillas and beans

        • skipsart

          Just a typo. Lighten up, will you?

          • azsequaya

            I count at least 5 errors,, Things like this are why AMERICA,, is turning into AMARKA,,Amerika,,ETC… The intelligence of this Country is in a HEAD dive !!!!

          • skipsart

            You know, I do understand your frustration. Miss-spelled words and poor grammar bug me too, to no end. Typos I can live with somewhat. But have you noticed that complaining about it doesn’t help in the slightest?
            Take care.

          • azsequaya

            YES,, I understand it doesn`t help or change anything,, It just simply BURNS ME UP that America is going down,,, She`s on her knees & Bath House Fairy (I mean barry) has his Jihad sword in hand !!

          • Allen

            the “B” in Barry should have been capitalized since it’s a proper name,

          • azsequaya

            I KNOW,, HOW TO SPELL mr. spell COP,,, I have ABSOLUTELY NO respect for the muslim , illegal alien, socialist in the white mosque in D.C.,,, Go POLICE somewhere ELSE !!!!

          • Allen

            Bravo Mr. azsequaya. That is some top tier trolling. Being a grammar cop, then connecting bad grammar to the decline of western civilization and THEN topping it all off with the last burst of absolute internet commenter rhetoric (complete with ALL CAPS and ellipses) A true work of the dark art of trolling. Again, Kudos Sir

  • Dan

    The new animal mascot for the GOP should be a Rhinoceros… in RINO!! Those lying sacks of crap…..

    • Juan TwoTree

      You’re a left-wing batted LibTurd Obongoloid ass-wipe Danny Boi!!

      • Moderator

        Mind the language, gentlemen!

  • doodledandy

    Talk about speaking with “Forked Tongue” – The est Rinos should be tared and feathered, and run out of DC on rail!!! Each and everyone of them is an insult to their position, their oaths and their country!

  • KellyG

    This cartoon could just as easily be redone showing two donkey’s with DNC buttons and holding signs; one before reading: I support the Constitution & American People, while the after election sign reads: Destroy the Constitution and down with American’s! After all, isn’t that what their actions are telling us anyway?

    • jerry1944

      Yes it could be but the dems always say they are libs even when lie. But the gop tell us , just like the sign say, they are going to Repeal obabaocare but when elected the and to Fix it and Fund it There is many issues they do the same with I keep waiting for them to come after our weapons anytime also That how much i trust the lying gop And the did put there 2 best lies as the leads old mitch and the drunk bonehead

  • J Slack

    Who the hell is Michel Obama to make laws for the Schools and Fine teacher for not following her so called lunch program.. She is nothing but a TRANSVESTITE who looks like a woman but Obama and her both is deceiving America. You know that they have spent almost $500,000,000 Million dollars on vacations alone. Then she has the nerve to say White House is like a Jail. She needs to be in jail for Rackatereing . Africa has released a copy of Obama’s birth certificate showing he was born in Kenya, Africa. You can go to you tube and find all this there in which I have a copy of the birth certificate .

    • tinkerunique

      There ARE photos of 0’dumma and his drag queen (Michael) with the wind in their face and Michaels “man-thing” standing tall. Surgery and injections DO NOT hide the male adams apple, masculine neck muscles and thicker waist. Custom fit clothes hide much of it but NOT all. 0’dumma may have gotten his “citizenship’ because his mama was American. His daddy may have gotten his citizenship because he was married to an American citizen too.

    • azsequaya

      J;,,, You`ve got it right except where you say “she & her” ,,, he is a HE,, absolutely NO DOUBT !!!! it`s Michael or MOOCH elle,, not Michelle

  • don76550

    Don’t send a dime to the republican national committee. Donate only to individual conservative candidates endorsed by the tea party, national rifle association, or gun owners of america.

  • Tea Party Gramma

    Is this site a left wing blog in disguise, trying to make conservatives look ignorant, or are all of those commenting from government schools with no spelling, grammar or typing skills? If not, will you please spare us the cussing, name-calling, and gross sentence structure and REVIEW your commentary before you post it so that all of us true conservatives do not look like ignorant bigots with a migraine and a blind hatred for everyone?!!!! It would be refreshing if we could instead-offer serious solutions to our problems and discuss ways to get real conservatives elected. Think, research, read, stay informed, go to rallies and Tea Party meetings to stay in touch with other like-minded citizens. Go to local town meetings. Ponder other’s ideas. Make your voice heard, but, PLEASE—make it worth hearing! Go forth, my friends—2016 is coming!!!

  • tinkerunique

    A few Dumocraps switched party because they knew that people would (majority) vote Repub. The “RINO’s” are just 0’dumma puppets and answer to their corporate sponsors. It’s just a money thing = they are paid controllers. “Of the people, by the people and FOR the people” seem to be OLD SCHOOL and this is the “ME” (screw U ) GENERATION.

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