27 States Challenge Obama’s New Water Law


EPANine states sued the Obama administration this week, bringing the number of states challenging the new EPA regulation to 27. This regulation grants the federal government power over small waterways, including wetlands and ponds.

The states in Tuesday’s lawsuit argue that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) violated the Clean Water Act, other laws and Supreme Court decisions when it declared that tributaries and other small waters are subject to federal jurisdiction and pollution control laws.

Representatives from the suing states are worried the increased regulation will cause lags in farming economies, besides adding frustrating red tape to any public project involving waterways.

“The results of this rule will carry a tremendous cost to our state, our economy, and our families,” said South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson. “The EPA’s proposed expansion would bring many roadside ditches, small ponds on family farms, water features on golf courses, and storm water systems under extremely burdensome federal regulation.”

The states span the country, from Idaho to Florida, and include typically blue states like New Mexico and Wisconsin.

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