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Cartoon: Defend Article I


Obama tries to put the torch to the Constitution.  Check out the latest Branco Toon and share it with your friends.


  • Tids1960

    Branco Toon’s are the best…

  • MolokaiAdvertiserNews

    Great cartooned message! Obama aka Barry Soetoro, should be in jail. Why is he still breathing air?

    Arresting the criminal alien Usurper Obama is based on these three issues;
    1. ARTICLE I – Usurpation of the Oval Office via criminal identity fraud
    2. ARTICLE II – Malfeasance, misconduct and abuse of the Oval Office
    3. ARTICLE III – Aiding and Abetting known enemies of the United States

  • Alan Harper

    You do not have to burn the Constitution IF there is no penalty for ignoring it!

  • Richard Bagenstose

    the realy sad part is most the people in congress feel the same way as oboma

  • CQ

    Concealing one’s qualifications for office, as Obama has done with his court-ordered sealed records, ought to be grounds for impeachment. No ordinary government employee would be allowed to hide his school transcripts; I had to show mine when I joined the USAF.

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