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Cartoon – At His Feet


It’s very clear who has blood on their hands from making “sanctuary cities.”  Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • Ibcamn

    and that’s about it,we suffer so the liberals can get their f**king votes!…deport them now,yesturday wasn’t soon enough!

    • Early Bird

      It’s called if you can’t win honestly, cheat, lie and steel.

      • Franie

        It’s the democrats motto.

      • Dandyangie


      • Ibcamn

        correct….most people don’t even realize that they are still finding(and counting and vetting)illegal votes from the florida polls and all polls from 2012!…but when they are done,it will be in the journals of history,so everyone knows how barry won the second time around and why it was so close(500 votes)for bush!they have found millions of fraud votes on both ends,and the liberals/progressives are way in the lead with illegal votes!yep,and can you just imagine the bribes and threats and intimidation that was used to gain all of them!not to mention the corruption that was there already!it’s the only way liberals can win!

      • steal = to take something that doesn’t belong to you without the owners permission.
        steel = medal made from iron and oxygen. Among its many uses is used in cars, buildings and bridges.

    • BigEd

      Have them speak English. Fingerprint them. Photograph them. Make sure they have NOT committed crimes while here or abroad. Photograph them again. Have them prove citizenship before letting them vote, then deport them or throw their butts in prison if they refuse. No more ANCHOR BABIES !!! Profiling should be ACCEPTABLE to prevent transporting drugs or weapons across the boarders in their clothing and by all means screw PC to allow searches of logical targets that are suspect.

      • Ibcamn

        correct and correct……since the regime is trying to make legal citizens do all this,why not his illegal muslim buddies,and all the other illegals!!…sounds good to me!

  • H.M.Stumpf

    We should ALL be ashamed of San Francisco and it’s politicians.

    • BigEd

      …and it’s citizens.

  • Snailmailtrucker

    The Liberal/Democrat,RINO Enablers need to be Charged, Tried, Convicted and Executed…
    that’s the only way to stop this insanity once and for all !

    • William Keeney

      BOY!! I’m ALL for the executing them !!!

  • jeannemartin

    We should all be ashamed of Obama.
    Everything he touches lends itself to the further destruction of our country …
    sanctuary cities, so his illegal immigrants can stay here to vote for democrats someday. Obamacare, a debacle, gun grabbing for power and control! jobs, economy and debt!
    His racism, his dislike of police and our military and his foreign policies which seem non – existent. He has no strategy for defeating Isis and by the time he flubs up negotiations with Iran, they will have the bomb!
    If he had secured the border and enforced the immigration laws, this beautiful, young, American woman would be alive today and her illegal immigrant killer would never have gotten into our country in the first place!!
    So who do I blame for so much discord
    and contention in the world today?
    The inept president who is doing his best to transform our country into something unrecognizable.
    I long for a traditional America, which I’m sure we will have again, once this
    man is gone!

    • Franie

      Our representatives and senators need to get their collective ass’s together and totally defund the fraud in the White House. What the hell is wrong with ALL of them????

    • William Keeney

      I blame this whole 7 yr. mess on the Republicans. They SHOULD HAVE FULLY VETTED this non-citizen for the Presidency, before he made it to the nomination process !!!!!

  • Dandyangie

    Are all our politicians unfeeling, braindead,liars? Time to vote them all our and or put them in jail.

  • Barmaid51

    Enforce the immigration laws and deport them all. And this is how you do it WITHOUT the taxpayers paying for it. DEDUCT THE COST FROM THE BILLIONS IN FOREIGN AID WE SHELL OUT TO THESE THIRD WORLD CORRUPT HELLHOLES THEY COME FROM. When they get no more free money from the U.S.A, maybe they will fix their own problems when we keep sending back their home grown criminals. But this is a simplistic plan that would make too much common sense that it would make a progressive liberal’s head explode.

  • BigEd

    Thank you Dudley. If only we could !!!

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