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A Trump Thumpin


Is Donald Trump’s political moment just from standing up to the PC police in the mainstream media?  Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.



  • Rich Ollar

    Looks Like Trump is the Winner and the Loser is GOP

    • j0e cave

      I hope Trump wins because the establishment republicans are just as bad as the democrats

      • BajaRon

        Many Republicans ARE Democrats hiding behind the GOP lapel pin!

  • steven

    The voters gave the GOP, the House and Senate and they defecated on us!
    Go Trump go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BajaRon

    GOP = Gold Over Principle

    Republican doesn’t mean a thing anymore. We need genuine conservatives.

  • Deeper

    This should be a wake up call, but we still need someone that can deal with foreign policy, the military, domestic problems, etc. I don’t think Trump can handle all the rest. The GOP does have some better choices.

    • sherri palmer

      Trump can handle all of it! He will walk his talk! I like Ben Carson as well, but I don’t hear anything from him….so, it’s Trump!

    • Patriot

      Trump is Smart Enough to FIND, LISTEN, STUDY and LEARN from those that have the “SKINNY” on FOREIGN POLICY!


      OBAMA FIRED Because they did not agree with HIS AGENDA!


      OBAMA “THE PUPPET”……has his own MINI PUPPETS!

      • Deeper

        You got that right. We don’t want another Obama type that had no knowledge about the military then fired all the ones that could have helped him. I do think that Trump would do good with the business end but not with all the other matters. The office of the President is not a training course. For one, I like Walker first.

    • pianobill

      Name just one and tell me why he is better than Trump. Trump has stated what he will do and why he can do it. No other candidate can do that.

  • MidnightDStroyer

    THAT’S gonna leave a mark.
    I’m referring to the ring Trump’s wearing in the ‘toon…

    But, silliness aside, Trump is right about a LOT of things that “they” just don’t want the public to hear…and this baby is too rich to just be put in the corner.

  • DPM

    Speaking in PC only hides issues and allows them to fester and explode. Trump is exposing what we all know, that illegal’s bring more harm than good to this county. In the case of Mexico, I believe the Mexican government is to blame for all the illegal immigration north. They could stop it if they wanted to.

    • Patriot


      Obama’s “TURN ON” is SEEING AMERICA DEBASED and the American People SULLIED, MAIMED, ABUSED and MURDERED by the MISCREANT EVIL MINIONS ( gangs, terrorists, Illegals, Illegals with Criminal Records, ILLEGALS CARRYING DISEASES to INFECT MILLIONS of AMERICANS, “REFUGEES”, HB-1 and L-1 VISA holders saturating the JOB market and purposely REPLACING AMERICANS, “Outsiders” who WE are MADE TO SUPPORT that DO NOT assimilate and WANT TO CHANGE AMERICA! Etc…..that HE WILLINGLY SUBJECTS the American People to!




      Support TRUMP and CRUZ!

      • DPM

        Harry Truman couldn’t have said it better.


    I believe Trump is giving free lessons to the one Conservative candidate that can and will step out in front of the GOP pack. The GOP should have learned one thing from the 2014 elections and that is, the people are tired of washington DC and their policies and corruption!
    Who may take the lead? Possibly the man that just put his name in the hat! The GOP candidate MUST be a true Conservative! There can’t be any skeletons in their closet! They MUST listen to the people, the people they represent. With a TRUE Conservative at the Executive helm and majority in the Senate and Congress, they may begin to turn this crud stick around and put an end, finally to the communist movement in our country!

    • Patriot

      Well Stated! Thank you!

      • ONLYJB1

        Thank you.

    • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

      JB1—Trump is the only one that would not owe favors to donors, If all conservatives would stop saying he can’t make, and get behind him, we could show the dems & the gop a lesson.

      • ONLYJB1

        I truly believe Trump is teaching a lesson! Unfortunately, not too many are listening! Trump may be very capable of taking care of every day America. He has no clue about foreign policy. With that said, neither did obomber! Look what we ended up with today with Iran! They have been given the entire farm! The only thing these people lack is intercontinental ballistic missles for their already developed nuke bomb! Obama and kerry just gave them the ability to perfect!
        Think it’s bad now? Wait until after 2016 begins. This nation will fall!

        • Kurt Hanssen

          Trump has traveld the world many times, traded, and done business with many nations, he knows the pro, and the cons.

          • ONLYJB1

            You know what? The more I think about your comment, I concur. Foreign policy is nothing more than negotiations and obviously Trump and his team are experts at negotiations. So yes, I see it. Obomber and his team couldn’t negotiate a box of chocolates!

  • Bryan W. Carpenter

    Trump, in my opinion, is today what Ross Perot was for George H. W. Bush. A vote splitting spoiler. We have a chance, with about 5 good candidates. Cruz has shown that he will fight. Walker has shown his ability to run a government. Rand has demonstrated his ability and Doctor Ben has spoken some sound words. Jendil has a good record. Other that these few we have establishment candidates with varying degrees of liberal tendencies.

    • Patriot

      Yup…You get it!

      “Liberal Tendencies”…., New One World Order being created Right Before Your Eyes…
      With the Demorats and RINO’s and downright treacherous sloths….. TRAITOROUS Vipers Slithering over one another Jockying for Position!

  • Liberty

    Trump’s early entry into the game airs the Democrats’ and its corrupt and anti-American administration’s dirty laundry (Pew, what a stench!), taking the early heat and phony liberal “shock” of its prostitute media while other Republican candidates politely dip their toes. By the time we get to the primaries, we’ll have the solid conservatives. Trump may still be among them. But if not, kuddos to you, DT, for rallying the troops. My Macy’s card is history. I could tell when I called to cancel that the young lady had been overwhelmed with cancellations. Some of us have long memories, huh?

  • Ronald Hagler

    It would appear as though most of our citizens, especially the media, have no idea as to what an immigrant is. Immigration is a major part of how this country was formed and progress was surely encouraged because of it. Immigrants fled Europe by the hundreds of thousands during and after WWII and landed here, in the good-ole’-U.S.A. Immigration is a process. Immigration is a study in doctrine. Immigration is sanctioned. Immigrants are those who enter this nation openly and freely. Immigrants are those who adopt our language, our culture and our laws. Immigrants strive to obey said laws and study to be tested on their knowledge of America and our history. They are tested and, if they pass, they are sworn in as LEGAL citizens of these United States Of America. That is how it was set-up and that is the only way it should be handled. We have Immigration Services to help those who wish to become U.S citizens and they are responsible for the testing and swearing-in ceremonies of each person who completes the steps to becoming a citizen.

    Illegal ALIENS, are different in the fact that they “steal” into this country, hide from authorities and refuse to learn our language, our laws or our customs. Many arrive, work hard and thrive, but they are still illegal and refuse to take the steps to becoming a legal citizen of the U.S.A.!

    Immigrants are LEGAL, ALIENS are NOT! Please refrain from insulting those IMMIGRANTS who came here openly and became U.S. citizens, by calling the illegal aliens “illegal immigrants”! Immigrants are citizens (or trying to become such) and aliens are outlaws, as they refuse to legally adopt our nation.

  • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    I will vote for Trump all the way, no matter what party he runs under.

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