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Things that make you say hmmm

Editors Note: The following is a guest post by Rick Manning President of Americans for Limited Government.

Why is it that a Confederate battle flag first placed on the South Carolina state capitol by a Democrat Governor, moved from the Capitol Building by a Republican Governor, and then again taken down in its entirety by a Republican Governor along with a Republican state legislature somehow a Democrat victory?

Many political prognosticators view President Obama’s perceived performance in office as the greatest single predictor of which political party will succeed in winning the White House in November 2016. President Obama has seen a surge in popularity largely due to the Republican Congress passing legislation that he wants. Making one wonder, is the Republican Congress secretly rooting for Hillary in 2016?

For years, China has been building entire cities without any demand for them creating eerie new ghost towns. The only surprising thing about the Chinese economy at this point is that its similarly hollow stock market didn’t go into free fall much sooner.HowWashingtonSeesUs

Solar researchers are predicting that the earth may experience a sun cycle starting in just five years which threatens to throw us into a Little Ice Age. Imagine the shock in the Al Gore, Jr. household when he learns that the sun actually has something to do with temperatures on earth.

On the Little Ice Age front, has anyone told Pope Francis that all he had to do was come out against global warming and, suddenly, scientists are predicting that it is going to get markedly colder? For all of his social justice concern about global warming, he might want to take a peek at what will occur to farm outputs during a cold cycle. Hint, shorter growing seasons mean less food produced and more hunger around the world. Oops.

Jurassic World is the top movie in the world, and Clinton and Bush are frontrunners in the polls for President. What year is it?

As President Obama continues to “negotiate” a nuke deal with Iran, the Iranian legislature recently voted to ban nuclear inspections on military sites while chanting “Death to America.”  Makes you feel all warm and cozy when you think of a nuclear Iran armed with ICBM delivery systems.

U.S. liberals urge increased acceptance of Sharia Law in the United States, while at the same time urging increased acceptance of gay marriage by forcing Christian-owned businesses to provide wedding cakes and flowers. Apparently, liberals view failure to bake a cake as a greater problem than the execution of homosexuals that occurs in places like Saudi Arabia, which operate under Sharia Law.

And finally, what kind of crazy, upside down world do we live in when a celebrity billionaire is the only candidate for President in either political party who is willing to speak for the average citizen who has felt shut out of the political process by the elites?

If the political class doesn’t wake up, they could find themselves Trumped in 2016, and out of power for the first time in a generation.

And that’s something to make you say hmmm.


  • Tids1960

    Because the DemoCRIPS and the ReBLOODicans are different strips to the same Zebra…
    Or as I like to say… two criminal gangs to the off shore mafia banksters…

  • Mike Laborde

    It will be billed as a democrat victory because the drive by Obama state run media will paint it that way. Also because 90% of blacks profess to be democrats and have a black messiah in the White House.

  • eganstew3

    The reason the flag was taken down, is because people do not understand why the flag had significance in the first place. Children have been dumbed down by liberal communist teachers. Who says this woman is a Republican. I believe the Democrats could not get their way by being Democrats so they put on Republican clothes and became Republicans to get what they want. How many people have studied the Civil War as to why it happened. Was it really for slaves? If that was the reason, then why did the North have just as many slaves at their disposal. Why did Blacks form a Black Regiment and fight in the South and in the North. Why is it that we never hear of the Black Slave owner who had both white and black slaves? It appears we pick and choose what we want to hear in order to get what we want.

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