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Cartoon: Arms for no hostages


The deal with Iran was too important to be held up by a few hostages, right.  Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.



  • George Cahonna

    Funny truthful cartoon, but not so funny….Someday we will pay for O’stupids mistakes.

    • Lizard

      I am just glad to be getting old /// I do feel sorry for young folks america is all gone and done for in due time

      • George Cahonna

        Most young folks today do not even know who they’re Governor is or which issues effect they’re lives. They’re day of reakoning is coming soon, and for you & me Old School, we will just mutter “you should have read more about our Constitution”.

        • Don’t get too high and mighty – I’m betting when we (including you) were young most “youngsters’ didn’t not their representatives either. Today though, ignorance is being taken advantage of WAY more than it ever has. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! Teach the young fools all you can before you move on about what AMERICA really stands for!

    • believe

      get him OUT ,DON’T CARE HOW BUT WHEN????

  • Lizard

    Hmmm Seems to me most Homos cannot make good choices Obama all proof i need to see and hear

  • Jr1776

    Israel should nuke them now.

  • tinkerunique

    Iran, $50B – American prisoners, 0

    • George Cahonna

      If you are a natural born American, you don’t mean s*** to O’bunghole.

  • ewasonable

    Muslim-bred Obama always negotiates in favor of terrorist-led countries as he exhibited by closing his eyes to the four American hostages held in Iran..

  • ewasonable

    When will Jewish voters’ in America stop automatically voting in anti-Israel Democrats like Barack Hussein Obama into office? They also elected in a powerful Jewish-Democratic U.S. Congress leadership which will be rendered useless by Obama “if congress does not repeal his sold-down the river treaty.”

  • Mike O’Mara

    We should nuke them right now. Also, even though it is a beautiful building, we need to nuke the white house right now too.

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